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About SilenceDogood
I destroy warriors, priests, and the occasional mage,
They all know it's over when I come out from my cage,
I fight on the dark side, OP as can be,
I'm the best, I'm always on top, I'm the king of PvP,
My great skin is adorned with many a scale,
Of my great power, few can compare,
I'm the first into battle, and the last to leave,
I'm the strongest of all, as well as your personal pet peeve!
What am I?

I enrage my enemies, as well as my my caster,
I bring great power, though my timing's hard to master,
I bring a fundamental nessecity, none can go without,
If you can't get rid of me, I assure you you will shout!
What am I?

I am immensely powerful, a 'tool' to be used,
I'm a near necessity for some, a tad bit abused,
I come to battle later than some, but only to those who lurk in night,
Rest assured when I come, I will put up a great fight,
I render my foes useless, and bring utter demise,
I enfuriate some, since I rarely compromise.
What am I?

I turn back time, I'm a legend untold!
Once you sow me, you'll reap twice-fold,
I'm the best at undo, utility too!
Thus I'm available to few, though still more than two,
What am I?

I help my friends, I refine their skills!
We're serious here, no time for frills!
I'm useful always, if I may say,
Though not so much, when no one's in the fray,
I fight for what's right, for those who share my belief,
But the fact still remains, war brings nothing but grief,
I have great courage, I'll keep on fighting to the end,
I'll lay down my sword and shield, if a helping hand I might lend,
Others can do what I do, so In my trade I prefer to be alone,
That means less competition, sure, but I'd prefer not to be a clone,
What am I?

I hold such power that few can boast,
When I come to the fight, your enemies are toast,
While not exactly rare, I'm less common than most,
With me on your side, some battles you'll coast,
I overcome all obstacles, save the most conclusive,
I destroy those who oppose, even the most elusive,
For every one others kill, from me there will be two,
Those who wish to die, go join the queue,
Some call me a monster, evil they say,
Maybe I'm wicked, but I'm far from cliche!
What am I?

I'm the leader, I'm in control!
Keep up the pressure, that is the goal!
Crush the weak, overwhelm them I say!
I've been through a lot, including exponential dacay!
That doesn't mean I'm weak, in fact quite the contrary!
When the meek try to fight me, they'll need a hail mary!
You can't be rid of my lackies, you shouldn't even try!
Once you meet me and my friends, you'll be lucky to get by!
What am I?

I'm the biggest, the best!
I'm Stronger than the rest!
I abide in a swamp, where I prey on the unwary
Of how many I've killed, oh it's actually quite scary,
It's funny really, by now you'd think they'd be suspicious,
I know it's not right, but that makes it all the more delicious,
After all, there isn't a one who's left my lair,
I even put a sign up, it reads "Treverlers beware!"
What am I?

I bring speed and pain!
I'm the unprepareds bane!
Once you put me down, everything will be a blur!
Big strong fighters, they are what I prefer!
No use for me with tiny whelps,
Give me strength, give me power, and I'm sure to help
It takes inner strength to summon me, if that makes any sense,
But that's enough talk, use me well and let the pain commence!

Those who wish to defect need only apply,
I turn enemies into allies,
But only one at a time,
It's first come, first serve, but only for the prime,
Their weak simple minds, so easy to mold,
They're smarter than monkeys, or at least so I'm told,
I turn friends into enemys, loyalists to turncoats,
They become very barbaric, quite the cutthroats,
And once they've outgrown their functionality?
I throw them away, what'd you expect, sentimentality?
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