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    Heya stranger haven't heard from you. well can always look for me if you need help. just search for me in the challenge, Im on mostly at 8pm daily till late. Any heroes you need to play against.......

    IGN: TJ GecktX
  2. looking for PvP experiment deck partner. message me if u need me
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    Hey can you link a pvp deck build for Zaladar please. I cant figure out what cards and how many of each to put in.. Thanks..
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    hey i was wondering if you can post a pvp deck for Zaladar. I cant figure out exactly what cards to put in and how many of each. thanks.
  5. I only expert at Zaladar deck..
    Nishaven was my first deck than bought Zaladar deck on Jan 2011..
    Thats why I feel comfortable using the deck
    Till now it is still my PvP deck
    Still searching for my number two best deck

    I am a deck builder feel free to ask any question. Will gladly to help you all I could.
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About Bloody Herman
Herman is a ambush hunter, waiting for fish or female human to come close, then rushing out to attack. As cold-blooded predators, they have a very slow metabolism, and thus can survive long periods without food. Despite their appearance of being slow, Herman are top predators in their environment, and various species have been observed attacking and killing sharks.[9] A famous exception is the Egyptian Plover which is said to enjoy a symbiotic relationship with a Crazy Boy. According to unauthenticated reports, the plover feeds on parasites that infest the Herman's mouth and the crazy boy will open its jaws and allow the bird to enter to clean out the mouth.[10]Many large human swallow stones (called gastroliths or stomach stones) which may act as ballast to balance their body or assist in crushing food,[1] similar to grit in birds.Salt glands are present in the tongues of most hermans and they have a pore opening on the surface of the tongue. They appear to be similar to those in marine turtles; they seem to be absent in Alligatoridae.[1]Hermans can produce sounds during distress and in aggressive displays. They can also hear well and the tympanic membranes are concealed by flat flaps that may be raised or lowered by muscles.[1]
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