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    Công ty chúng tôi là đơn vị hoạt động trong lĩnh vực xuất khẩu lao động Nhật Bản với 4 năm kinh nghiệm*đă được Bộ LĐ-TB-XH cấp phép hoạt động. Hàng năm, chúng tôi đă giúp gần một ngàn lao động sang Nhật Bản làm việc với mức lương tốt. Hăy tham khảo các đơn hàng đi Nhật cho Namcác đơn hàng đi Nhật cho Nữ hót nhất năm nay là ǵ nhé.
    Một vài tin tức đáng chú ư:

    Đơn hàng đi nhật 1 năm
    Đơn hàng đi nhật mới nhất 2019
    Đơn hàng đi nhật điện tử
    Đơn hàng cơm hộp đi nhật
    Đơn hàng cơ khí đi nhật
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    I really appreciate the help! Thanks, man.
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    Thanks man... It took too long to finally receive the title, but it was worth the wait!
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    Hey Man.
    Sorry I've been a little quiet.
    Work has had me by the short and curlys.

    I haven't seen anything regarding my card order, but hoping its there when I get back from QLD on Saturday.
    I am more then happy to get down to syd for a match or seven, and given my time off, ( usually 2 weeks at a time ) I have a fair idea that I SHOULD be able to swing anything.

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    Hey, have you gotten any cards yet? I'm slowly doing the rounds of all the Aussies to see if anyones orders have arrived.
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    I might not be possible on Sunday due to too much mess around.
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    Sundays are fine for me.
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    M V C has been banned for a month and his irrelevant posts have been deleted from the thread.

    The Status Update forum houses updates on the pre-order and players generally just need to read the first post for official information. Pruning people's comments out isn't ideal and the forum is open to regular commenting to allow discussion.

    We should probably post another update but Kyle hasn't either because he is busy and/or doesn't have much real information from Alliance Game Distributors to provide.
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    Sunday should be ok, as long as I get enough notice and can organise a sitter for my son.
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    Sorry. I doubt I'll be able to join considering I live in Melbourne.
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Recent Entries

Insanebow [1.603]

by Keaven on 09-30-2012 at 11:37 AM
In my never-ending pursuit of finding uses for the most useless cards comes the third build in my Banebow saga:

Current build (40):

1 x Banebow

4 x Infernal Gargoyle
4 x Carniboar
4 x Shadow Knight
1 x Ogloth The Glutton
(13 Allies)

4 x Poison Arrow
4 x Flaming Arrow
4 x Death Trap
2 x Selfishness
4 x Acid Jet
(18 Abilities)

4 x Wrath of The Forest
4 x Soul Seeker

Read More

Updated 09-30-2012 at 04:28 PM by Keaven


Wulven Warefare [1.603]

by Keaven on 09-29-2012 at 01:57 PM
A nice fun build.

Current build (40):

1 x Moonstalker

4 x Bad Wolf
4 x Wulven Tracker
2 x Ogloth The Glutton
4 x Pack Wolf
(14 Allies)

3 x Captured Prey
3 x Now You're Mine
3 x Regeneration
3 x Pack Alpha
3 x Acid Jet
4 x Sacrificial Lamb
(19 Abilities)

3 x Wrath of The Forest
3 x Fangs of The Predator
(6 Items)

From my channel strategy play list are

Read More

Updated 09-29-2012 at 02:00 PM by Keaven


Design Team Blog - Expansion Spoiler #4

by Keaven on 08-09-2012 at 08:53 AM
Expansion Spoiler 4: The Warrior’s March

Welcome to the 4th part of our first expansion spoiler series. Last time, we looked at the two factions of Shadow Era, exploring their distinguishing features and what new cards you might see for them in the expansion. Now, with that foundation in place, we can start focusing on individual classes, finding out what makes them tick and which direction(s) the forthcoming cards will take them in. With seven classes to choose from, we've

Read More

Updated 08-09-2012 at 09:07 AM by Keaven


Eternal Font [1.603]

by Keaven on 08-02-2012 at 02:51 PM
This is a build I have been using recently based on BlanketEffect's ZTC 3.0 - The Feedbomb Dynamo.

Current Deck (40):

4 x Infernal Gargoyle
3 x Fire Snake
4 x Death Mage Thaddeus
(11 allies)

1 x Energy Discharge
1 x Soul Reaper
4 x Mind Control
4 x Feedback
2 x Eternal Renewal
4 x Shadow Font
4 x Sacrificial Lamb
4 x Bad Santa
(24 abilities)

4 x Bazaar
(4 items)

Read More

Updated 08-02-2012 at 03:24 PM by Keaven (Adding videos)


Design Team Blog - Expansion Spoiler #3

by Keaven on 07-28-2012 at 07:21 AM

Friday, July 27, 2012

Expansion Spoiler 3: The Clashing Factions

Welcome back to the 3rd instalment of our spoiler series for the first expansion. Last time we spoke about the expansion set as a whole, and went into some of the themes and goals of the set. Today, we will go deeper into the Shadow and Human factions and talk a bit more about what sets them apart, and what sorts of new cards we might see that help to distinguish them

Read More

Updated 07-28-2012 at 07:23 AM by Keaven