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About shiznumber virtual number

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About shiznumber virtual number
The name of the virtual number exactly defines its nature: a contact number that neither a telephone line is defined for it nor belongs to a specific SIM card. These numbers usually belong to other countries and most of them become inactive after a few days. But why have they become so popular? Let's put our question better: Why are many people looking to create a virtual number?

Virtual numbers are widely used in VOIP call centers today; Because access to fixed telephone lines is not always possible. Hence, different companies create virtual numbers and link them to their phone lines so that they don't miss any calls even if the employees are out of the company.

Of course, these numbers have another use that is more popular in Iran: they can be used to create a second account on Telegram or WhatsApp.

What is a virtual number?
Have you ever thought about having a mobile phone number with a country code? A virtual number does exactly that for you. Virtual number allows you to use services such as sending and receiving text messages, voice calls, etc. without having a SIM card.

It is natural that you can create a second account using a virtual number in messengers such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, etc. (this is the most popular use of this feature in Iran).
Note: since most of these numbers become inactive after a few days; There is no guarantee of their safety and durability. In fact, all the information in your second Telegram account (which you created with a virtual number) may be deleted and inaccessible without any prior notice.

If you only need a phone number for a few days, a virtual number can be your best choice. Fortunately, there are many free programs on the Internet that can provide you with this functionality. Of course, you should note that many of these virtual number creation applications do not work in Iran!

TextPlus program
This application also provides you with a virtual number with Canadian and American codes through which you can call the whole world. The ability to send and receive text messages is considered one of the other golden features of the TextPlus program. This application is available for Android and iOS operating systems.

NextPlus program
If you want to use a free and at the same time fun virtual number generator app, we recommend NextPlus. This application allows you to make calls and send and receive SMS all over the world for free. Like the previous two programs, NextPlus can be used on both popular operating systems.


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