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Out of boredom, I started messing with the Shadow hunter, Banebow. I don't have 4 of every hunter card, but I had some good success with it versus the human mages, among others.


x2 Gargoyle
x3 Brutalis
x1 Behemoth
x2 Fire Snakes
x4 Belledonnas
x1 Bad Wolf

x4 Death traps
x3 Into the Forest
x1 Careful Planning
x1 Surprise Attack
x3 Net trap (enemies can still defend though)
x1 Tracking
x1 Bloodlust
x4 HBM
x2 Bazaar

33 Total

Obviously, having more of certain cards and less of others would be nice. The key is that Banebow can dow damage every three turns to allies AND heroes. The traps also come in handy and I try to get as many out as possible. Not perfect, but this was surprisingly successful.

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