Playing with Wolves

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I've been goofing off with various builds lately, and the only one I've had constant success with has been the Darkclaw build. This is what's been in my deck (no claims of originality):


x4 Fire Snake
x2 Bestial

x4 Captured Prey
x4 Now Your Mine
x4 Regeneration
x4 Rabid Bite
x4 Here Be Monsters

x3 Superstrike
x4 Teeth
x4 Lone Wolf
x2 Bazaar

The key is to get Teeth and Lone Wolf out ASAP. Allies aren't needed for anything, but I find they are good resource fodder early on. Same with the 'Here Be Monsters,' useless I can cast them early. Most players don't have the ability to break items, so once you cast the first one, you can resource the rest.

The only problem with this deck is that the games drag on FOREVER. Especially if the opponent has 1 or more Aeon's. I've found the only decks I lose to are mage decks where they can get me down to 16 or under, then blast me with a slew of spells, or Elemental decks that can steal cards from my hand and/or reshuffle dead cards back in. Obviously, the Shadow Warrior Ter can neutralize this deck, and there is always the small chance of getting overrun if you can't get the teeth out soon enough.

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  1. arebelspy's Avatar
    Deckbuilding tip: If you ever find yourself saying "_____ aren't needed for anything, but I find they are good resource fodder early on." then those cards should be cut from your deck.
  2. Wishful Cynic's Avatar
    Agree with arebelspy
    I used to have behemoths in my darkclaw deck, but took them out as they didnt help at most stages of the game
    Those small allies are even worse actually - the enemy can just ignore them and then your lone wolf doesn't work anymore, which is really bad... I now think that the only allies that fit volwen are the deathbones
  3. Rhadimus's Avatar
    I just use the allies as resources. You could really throw anything in there. You need all the spells, sans maybe the "Here be Monsters." Having them (allies) ensures I don't have to sacrifice other things that I'll need later. Nothing is worse than a mage tossing down two Aeons and not having the proper tools to hold them at bay. Well, except maybe three or 4 Aeons….
  4. Wishful Cynic's Avatar
    The more "resources" allies you have in your deck the bigger the chance you won't have cards you actually need when the time comes. Bazaar, big teeth, lone wolf and superstrike are actually perfect as resources, since you need only one copy every game most of the time, hence 12 potential resources - you hardly need any more playing darkclaw...
    Anyways, that's just my opinion, good luck!