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I'm sure these have already been mentioned but:

  1. Having A Time Limit for Games (or give the option of a "Quick Game" with a time limit and an "Unlimited game" that doesn't.)
  2. Giving the none human's an Aeon Style protector OR limiting 1 Aeon per deck
  3. An Auction House of sorts for Rare/Epic cards. Let the players feast on their good fortune.

That's it for now. Interesting game

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Updated 03-18-2011 at 07:44 PM by Rhadimus

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  1. Fry's Avatar
    You can have one deck for each hero. Obviously if you want to have different decks for the same hero, that doesn't help you, but...
  2. Rhadimus's Avatar
    Haha. yeah I see that now. Was completely obvious to that button