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New Deck Till 1.29 Ends

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So I was strolling around on the forums the other day and ran across Kent's 310 Amber Deck. I looked at it and was like, "wow....this looks fun to play."

After studying it for a little bit I decide to build a deck based around Amber, just to see how she plays. Keep in mind I have never played a Warrior deck until now. The build went smooth, picked some good cards that I though worked well together. I go to test it and BLAM win after win. Of course I have a few losses in there, but compared to the Gwen deck I was running this is amazing.

I'll definately be running this deck until the end of 1.29. When 1.3 comes....well that's a secret

HERE is the deck. And yes I do plan on putting Jewler's Dream in the deck.

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