Shallow Era

Insanebow [1.603]

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In my never-ending pursuit of finding uses for the most useless cards comes the third build in my Banebow saga:

Current build (40):

1 x Banebow

4 x Infernal Gargoyle
4 x Carniboar
4 x Shadow Knight
1 x Ogloth The Glutton
(13 Allies)

4 x Poison Arrow
4 x Flaming Arrow
4 x Death Trap
2 x Selfishness
4 x Acid Jet
(18 Abilities)

4 x Wrath of The Forest
4 x Soul Seeker
(8 Items)

The first match in my play list demonstrates how Selfishness can be used to great effect. Fear Good Ascendant + Aeon + Earthen Protector + Sandworm no more (even without Shriek).

Vs Nishaven:

And another match where Selfishness saved my ass Vs Eladwen:

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