The Arch-Mage Deck.

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Ok so, this will be also a tutorial :P

Fireball x4 4 damage for 3 cost, is the best spell dmg.

Poison Gas x3 every turn enemy hero takes 1 dmg. x3 cause some hero can remove it ( darkclaw, moonstalker, priests, for exemple ), and sometimes it can help killing some hard monster.

Lightning Strike x4 3 damage to a hero and a monster, 2nd best mage spell, help dmging hero and removing monsters, x4.

Engulfing Flames x3 your 2nd DoT ( damage over time spell ), reason are the same of Poison Gas.

Tome of Knowledge x4 another key mage spell, more options, more card to sacrifice, and chance to get some luck :P

Supernova x2 5 damage to all, when all fails this can help you a lot. Only 2 cause i rarely use it, i survive well with barriers, weapons and Nishaven's skill, but sometimes it's needed ( AoE combo with Nishaven's 1 is 9 damage to enemy's monsters, or you can use to kill an enemy that is on low hp ecc )

Clinging Webs x3 your best monster-lock spell, costs only 2. x3.

Retreat! x2 epic spell can remove a powerful monster like Aeon Stormcaller, buffed monster with spells or with Elementalis's skill, giving you the time to put barrier ,draw cards ecc.

Poor Quality x2 Useful vs weapons dependent heroes (wulvens, hunters, warriors), is also good to weak and remove barriers ( you rarely will do it cause your spells go throw armors ).

Rain Delay x2 1 turn of breathing, x2 cause is just 1 turn :P

Sever Ties x2 Remove buffs from monsters or heroes ( punish warriors, wulvens, hunters ) or just disattach an annoyng effect like Life Infusion.

Ley Line Nexus x1 Good card got only 1 cause of money :P, but i will get maximum 2.

Snow Sapphire x2 Your best Armor, x2 is good for me cause in combo with AoE damage, Voice of Winter and lock spells i'm untouchable.

Dome of Energy x4 This armor help a lot in the 1st part of the game, when u need time to get cards and survive to monsters. x4 low cost high use.

Voice of Winter x2 The lock combo with your ice barrier, x2 for the same motivation.

Dagger of Unmaking x1 Low money got only 1 :P , same eefect of Retreat!

I hope helped you

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