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Eternal Font [1.603]

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This is a build I have been using recently based on BlanketEffect's ZTC 3.0 - The Feedbomb Dynamo.

Current Deck (40):

4 x Infernal Gargoyle
3 x Fire Snake
4 x Death Mage Thaddeus
(11 allies)

1 x Energy Discharge
1 x Soul Reaper
4 x Mind Control
4 x Feedback
2 x Eternal Renewal
4 x Shadow Font
4 x Sacrificial Lamb
4 x Bad Santa
(24 abilities)

4 x Bazaar
(4 items)

There is already quite a bit of discussion on ZTC which I recommend reading before trying a feedbomb style build.

The opening is crucial and where the game is won and lost. Having to resource crucial cards to prevent too many allies hitting the board can be impossible to overthrow. This is the only situation which Energy Discharge can provide a last chance to come back. Soul Reaper is not only important in some matches where healing is needed, but to remove allies from your graveyard before renewing it to your draw pile to more easily reuse Shadow Font, Mind Control, Bad Santa, and Feedback.

Most of your damage comes from Zaladar's ability and your opponents allies, so you will want to target the hero when using Zaladar's ability at every stage and use Feedback, draw, allies, and Mind Control to keep the opponents allies to a minimum. The biggest struggle is against decks that can destroy Bazaar which should go out as soon as possible.

Demonstration play list.

Vs Victor:

Vs Boris:

Vs Jericho:

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