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Lieutenants *

An idea from playing magic. Like planeswalkers. But a lot different. They are a completely separate altogether so there not Hero's and their not allies. They all have powers like Hero's and gain one SE per turn that cannot be increased or decreased. All lieutenants have the ability of when they are on the board you hero cannot be targeted or damaged. This showing that they always throw themselves in There
Leaders harms way. These card are not protected by protector like cards from aeon and birgette. And can always be targeted but they may have protector themselves to protect *allies.*

Here are possible ideas.*

Ragnar ironclaw
Wulven lieutenant
2 attack 8 health
3SE all creatures that have been damaged by Ragnar are there for disabled.*

Shieldar Gustafson*
Priest lieutenant*
0 attack 12 health
2SE Your hero gains 3 health*

Elemental pariah
Elemental lieutenant*
2 attack 10 health
2SE elemental pariah takes 2 damage and all allies gain 1 attack and 1 health permanently

Great armorsmith
warrior lieutenant
0 attack 8 health
1SE All your weapons and armour In play and in hand count has having 1 less casting cost until end of opponents next turn

Librarian Erasmus
Mage lieutenant*
1 attack 10 health*
3SE all ability damage do 1 extra damage and count as not being affected by armour or abilities
5 cc

Regdar shadowtrap
Hunter lieutenant*
2 attack 10 health
2SE Play a hunter trap from your hand without paying the casting cost
6 cc

Mialee pocketsnatch
rogue lieutenant*
0 attack 8 health
3SE target opponent discards 2 cards from his hand chosen by them
6 cc

I hope you like them please comment!!

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