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I wanted to create a set of cards that are sort of completely different from the set that are around at the moment. I haven't put artwork up for these guys as I dunno how. So I represent to you, the HOMUNCULI


All the Hero's have 27 life

Hero: Ingrid stephia
Human homunculi
Ability: 2SE: gain 4SE*
Flavour: finally I have unlocked the secrets of shadow

Hero: flagellent Byron*
Human homunculi*
Ability: 3SE: destroy target ally with casting cost equal to or less that remaining SE.*
flavour: the end is nigh for you, I can feel the energy pulsing

Hero: Encantation
Shadow homunculi
Ability: 3SE: summon target ally from your hand with casting cost equal to or less than remaining SE after activation
Flavour: I may be a figure of imagination, but my powers are all to real.*

Hero: Reaper
Shadow homunculi*
Ability: 4SE: Gain SE equal to number of allies in your graveyard.
Flavour: even the dead have some life left in them.

Homunculi specific cards:*

1cc Homunculi ally
Ability: hidden, exhaust this ally for your hero to gain 1SE, this ally cannot attack.
Flavour: Everyday walking talking batteries.

4cc Homunculi ally*
Ability: when this creature is summoned your hero loses 3SE, this creature cannot be summoned of your hero has less than 5 SE.
Flavour: IT'S ALIVE!!

Thunderclap staff
5cc Homunculi weapon
1 attack 4 durability*
Ability: 3SE: target ally base attack becomes 0 and base health becomes 2.*
Flavour: now you shall become as weak as my minions before me.

4cc homunculi weapon
Attack X durability 3
ability: when this card is put onto the field your hero loses 2SE, this weapons attack becomes the amount of SE your hero has left when the card was put onto the field
(Max 5).*
Flavour: finally a weapon as powerful as I am.*

Meshskin plate
3cc homunculi armor
Armour 1 durability 4
You may exhaust a friendly ally and gain 2SE
Flavour: think of this act as your owe to me.

Life force generator
3cc Homunculi item
Ability: whenever a item/support or ally is sent to the graveyard your hero gains 1SE.*
Flavour: No matter the object, it all goes to me in the end.*

Energy mine
2cc homunculi item
Ability: play face down, the next ally your opponent plays, it's base attack becomes 0 and your hero gains SE equal to the casting cost of the ally
Flavour: go forth and KABOOM

Life burn
3cc homunculi ability
Ability: when you activate this ability your hero loses 3SE and draws 3 cards.
Flavour: now who has the advantage

detachable conductor
3cc homunculi attachment
Ability: target ally is disabled and your hero gains 1SE per turn.*
Flavour: feel your life drain from your

Total annihilation
8cc homunculi ability
Ability: both yours and your opponents hero lose all gained SE and your opponent takes damage equal to the total SE lost.*

Please comment on what ya think.*


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