Lack of Updates; Mage Strategies

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Well, like the title says, sorry I haven't been updating that much. I just haven't had a good time to do it until now, anyways, this post will be primarily about strategies with the mage that I liked to use, and feel free to post any of your strategies for them in the comments section below.

For the regular Mage (Nishaven) I generally used Arcane Bursts and Supernova's as the sacrifices early in game because for me, they don't come in handy until the end of the game, such as using Supernova to win when your opponent has 5 or less life left. As for Arcane Burst, I never used it much, as when you actually have enough resources to use it, there are much more viable cards to use in my opinion, such as Lightning Strike and Fireball, but it all comes down to what the player is comfortable with using. When I have enough resources, I try to quickly use the Poison Gas and Engulfing Flames abilities to allow them to constantly lower the opponent's life giving me the option to focus on summoning allies. For the allies, any ally is good to use, but I particularly like Sandra Trueblade because of her ability to take away 1 of the opponent's resource when she is played, also because having 2 attack allows her to kill Fire Snake and Belladonna in one hit and Brutalis in 2 and still survive. When using Nishaven, if the opponent is gathering too many allies for you to deal with, it might be a good idea to use his ability, which allows him to deal 4 damage to every ally. with any luck, most of them will be destroyed in that one hit, with the exception being the Plasma Behemoth. Speaking of the Plasma Behemoth, in my opinion it is crucial to kill one as soon as it comes onto the field for two reasons: it can deal 3 damage to any ally or your hero and still have an attack left, and it has a decent attack backed up by a great defense. It can easily level the playing field and can deal up to 6 damage a turn depending on whether you have allies that it can target or not. Once you take all of this into account, just keep burning down the opponent's health until it gets to 0.

For the Shadow Mage (Majiya) I used the same basic strategy as Nishaven, using the Supernovas and Arcane Bursts as resource cards. Once I accumulated 2 resources, I used her ability which allows me to draw an extra card. I used this ability primarily to find cards I could use as resources if I didn't want to use any of the cards in my current hand as sacrifices. Once I had 4 resources, I like to use Poison Gas and Engulfing Flames to allow their effects to take away chunks of the opponent's life. After that is done, I like to play most any monster available, but if you can, get Plasma Behemoth to the field as quickly as you can. The Plasma Behemoth is a powerhouse of Majiya's deck, and it can be a valuable asset for you just as much it can be a danger if it's being used against you. Other than that, using Portal, Research, and Here Be Monsters can help make the win easier for you.

That's it for my strategies when using the Mage, do you have any strategies or cards that make a good combo to use? If you do, or have any thoughts about mine, go ahead and post them in the comments below. Overall, do whatever is most comfortable for you to do when you're playing, and thanks for reading! See you next time!

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  1. Shadow Era's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing your strategies, it will help me make the AI use the same strategies or counter yours! Muhahahahhahahhhhh!!!
  2. Mudkipz223's Avatar
    Aww, why do you have to be so cruel? If it helps the AI become stronger though, go for it.
  3. kaboom132's Avatar
    I agree with the Plasma Behemoth part - for me, that and Fireball are my two favorite cards.