The new hero classification and you

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So I was trying to classify the new hero meta and figure them out. I sent an email to Shadow Era support, but they were not forthcoming with the satistics of heroes so after a team effort over a single day period by A1, we came up with some interesting numbers. I feel the general "snapshot" is fairly accurate of our current meta, and should give an accurate idea of the heroes and their classes.

Again, breaking away from the tier system to give a more "fair" system.

OU- OverUsed heroes (Seen with fair regularity, every third battle or so)

Eladwen, Boris, Amber, Logan

These heroes are definitely what you should design your deck to counter. Notice the high burn and the three warriors. Surprisingly, not a single Ter Adun was seen.

UU- UnderUsed (Seen every fifth to tenth game)

Darkclaw, Gravebone, Moonstalker, Nishaven, Zaladar, Elementalis, Victor

With this category, you will also want to design your deck to counter most of these. These are "trick" heroes, they win when pulling tricks and outsmarting your opponent.

NU- Neverused (almost never seen, one in every tenth game)

All heroes not mentioned above are classified into NeverUsed. You don't NEED a hero to be able to counter the above, as you should rarely see them. What does this mean for you?

Simple. If you want to build a competetive deck in the current meta, you only need to design a deck for the OU and UU classes. The NU class can surprise you but as long as you are prepared for the other two, you should be golden. It can be hard, but "best out of" is better than "not at all," I.e. if you can counter three OU and four UU heroes, you still have a highly competetive deck.

The actual numbers I won't present, as they are a little depressing. However I do want to give thanks to my fellow A1 members, as I wouldn't have been able to class them what with Shadow Era support being unwilling/unable to provide hard numbers. With this system, there is no more tier 1, tier 1,5, et cetera. Simply OU, UU, NU.

K.I.S.S folks! The numbers might change but I am fairly confident this is close to what the actual Meta looks like right now as of this post.

Sniper Kitten out.

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