Classification of heroes

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After much confusion and concern about which tier a hero is, and even bring it down to decimal points, I now offer you a different classing system.

OU- OverUsed

These are heroes that are used often, and you encounter often in quickmatch. They aren't necessarily OP, just used a lot.

Eladwen, Logan

UU- UnderUsed

These are the heroes used less than normal, but you still encounter once or twice every ten games, or more depending on the day.

Darkclaw, Moonstalker, Ter adun

NU- NeverUsed

Obviously, heroes not used. In 20 games you might encounter one of these once in a while.

Jericho, Victor, Baduruu

This removes the tier system of strength and instead proposes all heroes are equally viable, just used less or more. While I am aware some heroes are ridiculously op /coughlogancough/ in the tournament system it appears most heroes have a near equal chance of reaching the final match. It depends more on luck and skill than simply having all the right cards.

A perfect draw zhanna has a near equal chance of beating a perfect draw eladwen, as an example. It comes down to micromanaging your resources and cards.

So. Use this system if you want, I find it less annoying than "Oh I think Ter may be tier 1.5, logan is tier .5, eladwen is tier 1..."

Phooey. OU, UU, and NU are so much simpler.

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  1. bicin's Avatar

    is that how you sound ejaculating?

    anyways, interesting article..

    this will result in a more objective reference since everyone will pretty much agree with you when you say a certain hero is either UU, OU or NU.

    so does this mean we can cut the debates about who is in which tier?

    i say yes!!
  2. GS's Avatar
    That is my intention, I will break down the heroes later in a separate blog entry.