Is romance dead?

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Just another random non se-related post.

It seems nowadays people want to meet, f*ck, and move on more and more. I mean, with all that's going on it seems sensible right?

But what happens to those deeper connections? I recently came across a girl who actually prefers to avoid those connections, yet seemed to want kids. So hold on a second... She wants a family later but doesn't want to deal with the guy? Lady, are you TRYING to help psychatrists out here with the years of therapy your kids are going to need from this?

Really... guys and girls do this crap so often it sickens me. Nothing wrong with a little nookie, I agree... but when you start to prefer that over real relationships with the opposite sex.. Something's wrong.

I for one refuse to believe that person doesn't feel hollow somehow. Perhaps a little depressed even, that guys or girls would only sleep with them and not go for a real relationship.

I for one would prefer to start things off by getting to know the girl. Maybe some flowers, et cetera. That three date rule is old news, I agree. But there's still the in between talking. Texting, emails, it allows for more communication than before. So by the second date, sex is almost inevitable. Sometimes even the first date, if the chemistry is just right.

But you have to admit... these days most anyone could approach someone else, get laid, move on. The real relationships are same gender now. All this does is create a rift between men and women.

Women say men just want sex, yet they see no problem with sleeping around themselves for the fun of it. Men call women sluts for sleeping around, yet.. well you get it now right?

Then later on in life, the person marries. They have kids. All this sleeping around without even bothering to try to learn how to get along with the other gender leads to fights, divorce. Mentally imbalanced children that also have issues!

It's a vicious, vicious cycle. Yet nobody seems to realize... it's all up to you. No therapist is going to fix you, no pills will make you feel better. YOU need to learn to get along with the opposite gender. Appreciate their flaws as well as their.. perks.

But if you seriously just want to sleep around, do the world a favor. Clip your nuts/ovaries. The more people around that actually get along, the better off we are. Hiding in an apartment and only talking to your guy/girlfriends and only going to work... yeah. A world of hermits. How boring is that?

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  1. Padawan Pete's Avatar
    U mad bro? Your rambling makes no sense. One minute you complaining about people wanting to go out have a good time and have free sex, the next you complaining that they are alone hermits, just staying together and being un homme une sensuelle. Jesus, get overyourself already :P
  2. GS's Avatar
    Think about it pete.

    They're related.