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I bet you thought this was a rage quit, or generally me leaving when you saw the title.

Assumptions make an ass of you and me. Mostly you, though.

Actually, I AM saying goodbye to the game in general. Probably not forums, I'm still amused by them.

1.27 and 1.28 are two completely different games. You can argue time will tell when I tell you certain heroes just dominate worse than majiya ever did. I will tell you to kindly fk off. I do sort of enjoy the game, but only vs friends now. The quickmatch is full of noobs doing bs like skipping turns to "mock" you when they've clearly won with said superior heroes. I mean.. really?

That's like a 1.27 majiya noob toober skipping a turn or two just to mock you for even trying to kill him.

The balance is way too skewed. If it was designed this way for future cards, fine. But some abilities (Logans) are just too damn strong for this meta. It shouldn't have been changed, logan was equal to boris in 1.27. Nobody saw it, though!

So this is goodbye to the game, and quickmatches.

Goodbye to certain friends as well. I know I'm a dick sometimes, but that happens when I'm frustrated. I mean, accusing someone of stalking or shit? Having multiple alts? God forbid I get called creepy on top of that! (Actually I just chuckled right now, the last bit isn't so bad. Who ISN'T creeped out by a guy cosplaying a f*king kitten on the internet?!)

I have exactly one alt. One. And it is not used for anything more than lurking and random forum posts. Hell I wonder if SE forums deleted it due to inactivity? Anyways. Screw you Martha!

Regardless... life isn't forgiving. I can't be either. Nor do I expect you, anonymous reader of my blog, to forgive me. (Does anyone really read these? Some days I wonder!)

So Goodbye quick matches. Goodbye tournaments. Argue all you want I'm a shitty player. But I'm known for not using tier 1 heroes. I hate that sure win feeling vs most of my opponents. I want a fight, to work for it. I don't want to easily clear the board and sadistically watch my opponent struggle to get the right cards to beat me.

No thanks man. I'm also not a machoist. I'm not going to take it up the arse. Or whatever hole.

And no, Darkclaw is not tier 1. He is dealt with SO easily.

So yeah.

Still reading? Go find something better to do. Like suck candy. Or watch porn. Stalk anadolt.

I hear he likes it so be warned.

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