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Mega Rush Deck - Update:12 July 2011

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Ok guys, I've decided to start a new account and track the growth and progress of the Mega-Rush Deck. From scratch.

Started from rating 0 and working my way up. At 206 ratings now. I will continue to play and update you guys.

I will also continue to update my original post.

The Deck contents again:

1 x Zaladar

4 x Keldor
4 x Infernal Gargoyle
4 x Plasma Behemoths
3 x Chimera
2 x Medusil
4 x Mind Control
4 x Shriek
2 x Life Infusion
2 x Soul Reaper

Total: 30

You can view all my games using the in-game search.

My Game Handle: Torak Ironfist - I will only play this deck with Torak Ironfist

12th July 2011

Boris - Win
Nishaven - Win
Elementalis - Win
Majiya - Lost (30 card Majiya) - I would have won if I survived that his turn.
Victor - Win
Gwen - Win
Gwen - Lost (238 ratings well-tuned deck)
Gwen - Win
Amber - Win
Majiya - Win
Eldawen - Win
Dark Claw - Win
Gravebone - Win (Gravebella?)
Nishaven (Player Phamz) - Lost (by 1 Life, would have won if I survived that his turn.)
Nishaven (Player Phamz) - Win (Clear win, board control complete)
Dark Claw - Win
Dark Claw - Win
Elementalis - Win
Zaladar - Win
(playing Mega-rush!) Mirror match. Very interesting. Observations below.

I just want to highlight 3 things:

1. Half the decks I faced are generally not well-tuned.

2. The losses - I am only concerned with the Gwen loss. The player had a very good draw, went first. I tried to come back and survived for a long time. But ultimately I was unable to defeat him.

He was able to put down either an ally or a Beetle Demon bow every turn for the first 6 turns. The 2 Beetle Bows caused a lot of problems. He'll shoot and immediately change the bow into a demon ally on the same turn. Fantastic card advantage.

The important thing to note for this game: AoA would not have helped me to win this game. This motivated me to leave them out. I am not suggesting for everyone to leave AoA out. Test and see if it works out for yourself.

3. Vs Zaladar. Very interesting. A Mirror Match.

I saw how my deck worked from the other end. If not for the fact that I went first, I would have lost. The player mentioned that he added some tweaks - very interested to hear from him. Despite going second, he was able to chip off quite a bit of life off me.

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