Beat & Burn : My WIP Nishaven Deck

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Hey all, so I'm pretty new to Shadow Era still, but have started aquiring some more cards, and thus am able to start putting a decent deck together.

The current build is:

1x Nishaven
1x Dirk Saber
3x Puwen Bloodheim
3x Blake Windrunner
1x Raven Wildheart
2x Aldon 
2x Aeon

4x Fireball
2x Freeze
2x Poison Gas
2x Lightning Strike
2x Engulfing Flame
1x Research
2x Arcane Burst
2x Clinging Web
1x Cover of Night
1x Retreat
1x Special Delivery
1x Extra Sharp
1x Snow Sapphire
1x Voice of Winter
Not really an online contender, but does the trick against most CPU.

Now of course this is not a final design, and there are many changes I will make when I can afford the cards. They are as follows:
  • Drop Dirk, he's currently resource fodder
  • Remove 1 Blake. Decent card when paired with Aldon but don't need 3.
  • Add 1 Aldon. He's a key card in almost all my wins.
  • Add 1 Puwen. Solid human, might as well have 4.
  • Add 1 Raven. Great for reducing big beatdown monsters.
  • Add 2 Jasmine.
  • Add 1 Erika. Kinda expensive, but paired with Aldon...pretty deadly.
  • Drop 1 poison gas, and 1 engulfing flames. I'm sure most people would say drop them all, they're too expensive, but they're part of a strategy and I like at least 1 of each. As of now, the duplicates are usually just resource fodder.
  • Add 2 more lightning strike. I love this card, and I'd like to have 2 more to replace the 2 Arcane Burst I currently have.
  • Will probably drop Cover of Night very soon. Pretty much resource fodder as of now.
  • Might add 1 more retreat. On the fence about that right now.
  • Dropping special delivery. Resource fodder right now.


Right now my working strategy is to quickly get out cards like Puwen, Blake and Aldon to deal with their initial monsters. In the meantime relentlessly pounding their Hero with cards like Fireball, lightning strike, poison gas, and engulfing flame. Eventually when I have enough allies out I can divide their focus between some that just keep beating away enemy allies, and others taking swings at the enemy Hero. Unfortunately with this strategy, I don't get to utilize Nishaven's ability very often, as my own allies are usually fending of the enemy's. I noticed this deck is particularly effective against Wulven decks. More often than not I've exhausted the entire enemy decks and I still have 3-4 allies out who can then just pound away at the enemy Hero's health.

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  1. Benacio's Avatar
    You were right about Poison gas and Engulfing Flames. Those are the cards that cost too much, slow you down, and make you basically lose a turn. And you say it's part of a strategy, but it is really one of those cards that are difficult to part with, and I totally understand that. And I also get that. Sometimes, it is because of those cards that you win, but that is mostly not the case. In the long run, dropping both and have an efficient card draw is much more beneficial. Voice of winter is brilliant but it is very limited in it's scope of decent usage, and I recommend dropping it and getting another Snow Sapphire, for this armor could easily turn a game in your favor if you have decent draw. Also dropping Arcane burst is a good idea, because it is very limited in the monsters it can burn, unless your looking to weaken them and then kill them with allies, which, again, is limited in its scope. Strategies that rely on burn cards, sorry for over using this phrase, are also very limited in the kind of play style it can formulate from a game. If you go against a priest, for example, you've automatically lost 9 times out of ten, and I put money on that. Inexperienced players might fall for things like this, but intermediate and expert players can easily out smart this deck. You should also drop cover of night, special delivery, extra sharp, and clingling web for those are simply stalling cards and cards that do not play a vital role in the game for a cost that you can't afford to spend. Consider this. There are more things I can say about deck building, but then I could talk all day.

    Best regards,