Majiyas Ice Kill Kiss

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This deck needs a big shout out to Killtrend who helped me tune it from what it was.
I got to thinking the other day how would be a cool way to spice up the game even more, so i thought why not build a theme deck. If hunters can have their decks totally around the hunting and bow and arrow theme why couldnt i do the same.
So i got hold of my favourite SE shadow chick and thought; "she has to be one icy B$#"/ to survive in this game"...tchana light bulb appeared and here is what i came up with (again, tuned with the help of fellow guild member Killtrend);

1 Majiya

4 Fireball
4 Lightning Strike
4 Supernova
3 Arcane Burst
1 Poison Gas
1 Engulfing Flames

4 Freeze
4 Rain Delay
3 Shriek
3 Research

4 Snow Sapphire
4 Voice of Winter

Basically it is all about icing opponents and allies, or freezing them directly or with rain drops falling on their heads ...then laying on the hot sauce and burning down the house

So far the theme is working, just thought it would be nice to share and maybe other players out there had come up with theme decks.

Laters gaters

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