Am I addicted to SE

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OK, so some people have brought ot my attention that im spedning way to much time on a "card game" and that it is looking to be more of an addiction...
Well, if you reckon having the app on my iPod, and Tapatalk to access the SE forum, and Proboards app to talk to my guild buddies (yes i have a guild and they are my online friends in this game thank you very much) and i have installed multiple app to chat with various members....then....then...s#!7 i am addicted arenīt i?!

oh well, better than doing dope or being an alcoholic (although not sure if its cheaper though).
But come on at least this game makes you think, strategize and formulate ideas on how things can work well together.

Just one piece of advice to everyone (and mainly myself) if you ever scream out in a meeting "i fireball that idea" then yes, it is time for a well earned rest or visit to the funny farm. But hey, at least at the funny farm you can sneak in an iPod and still play

its all in good fun and to enjoy the game. If they dont understand it then go back to their medal of honours and race games, cause those really help your mind evolve

Great gaming to you all

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  1. CHLBRK's Avatar
    who told ya???
    well, maybe,.......
    every time im on proboards you are on too.
    and you are on at the forum when i am.
    yes you ade
  2. danny2rod's Avatar
    i know but its just so addictive when you get to this stage of the game.
    I think i might need professional help LOL