Beta Sign-ups Closed; Testing About to Begin!

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Hello again everyone! If you haven't been checking out the forums lately, then you probably do not know that the beta sign-ups are now closed and the actual testing is about to begin!
In a thread today, Kyle posted this message:
Quote Originally Posted by Kyle View Post
All current forum members should receive their beta account activation email within the next 24 hours!

Still a bit rough around the edges, but daily updates will see it constantly improved thanks to your feedback.

We will of course be starting with my favorite class: the Mage!
Congratulations to everyone who signed up and I'm sure we'll see a lot more action on the forums once the beta is released. Post below whether you have you gotten your email yet, and if you excited to know that the starting class is the mage. If you aren't excited that it's the mage, which hero would you rather have to start off with?
I wanted to thank you for reading and I hope to have a battle with you guys once the beta starts. Be sure to check back at my blog for strategies and other news regarding the beta, see ya!

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  1. Paradox's Avatar
    I'm cool with the Mage..

    I'd like to see the Shadow and Wulven Heroes, since there has not been a lot of coverage on them yet, but all in good time.

    I'm really curious about the quest and rpg / rank system.
    Updated 08-01-2010 at 09:25 PM by Paradox
  2. kaboom132's Avatar
    I'm cool with the Mage. I mean, control (which I assume will be the mage's specialty) has never been my strong point, but I like control nevertheless.

    Hope to see (and battle) you all!
  3. Notthevictim's Avatar
    Woot! yeah Mage is cool. i really would like to play as some Shadow Heroes sometime though!
  4. kaboom132's Avatar
    Has anyone actually gotten the game yet, though?
  5. Paradox's Avatar
    Nope. As of this writing, I estimate 4 remaining hours in Kyle's statement of "the next 24 hours".

    I've also checked my spam e-mail boxes and similiar stuff.
    Updated 08-02-2010 at 01:14 PM by Paradox