1.25 Gravebella Beatdown

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1.25 Gravebella Beatdown v4.5

***Please Note: This deck has been severely edited since its first release. Check the latest posts for relevant information about this build.***

1 - Gravebone

4 - Brute
3 - Medusil
3 - Infernal Gargoyle
4 - Belladonna

4 - Fireball
4 - Lightning Blast
3 - Portal
2 - Research
2 - Shriek

Total: 30 Cards

Ok, so I'll show an optimal start going first, then on to the explanations.

T1 - Hold
T2 - Brute
T3 - Gargoyle/Medusil Opponent depending.
T4 - Research - Search/LB
T5 - Portal
T6 - Bella+Search/Brute
T7 - Bella+3cc/Fireball
T8 - Portal+Bella/Medusil+Ability
T9 - Bella+Bella!

Anyway, the turns vary slightly according to opponents drops but as you can see, Belladonna is the star. She's very cheap and hits very hard. Her low health is almost a help to the deck, letting me cast her over and over and keeping dmg off my hero. Sometimes I have to shriek a Bazaar/Research which slows my turns, sometimes I have to fight for control against heavy aggro. Whatever comes, I'm ready for it. This deck going first has a supreme upper hand. Going second it can reclaim control rather quickly. This might not be seen as T1, at least not until I have some more cards to work with, but this dog is always in the fight.

"Medusil vs Badwolf vs Keldor vs Deathbone" - Medusil hits hard and has a nice ability. Paying for Keldor over and over is a hindrance since I need my resources for recursion and casting my ever growing hand. Badwolf is just average. Deathbone wants to be useful, he tries so hard. In the end though, he's a wasted card.

Gargoyle reasoning: Card advantage. He dodges all DD abilities besides Nova, including Nishaven and fireballs. If left unattended he will strengthen my burn and do significant chip damage.

Brute Reasoning: Board Presence. Quick use of late resources. His 4 health is nothing to laugh at, sticking around long enough to tag team with LB to become a mini fireball.

Where's Big Boy Behemoth?! - The bench. Regardless of his awesome power, I can't focus on a single creature for my win. It's why so many people lose after building around aeon and can't understand. Behemoth is resource intense. Turn 8 before his full potential can be unleashed. Meanwhile turn 8 I double drop Bella for +1 dmg. Or one Bella one 3cc ally for equal output. And i get no card draw with Behemoth. Simple math. Bella+Recursion+Portal=Insane.

Where's lust? - Without pure weenie (snakes) LB is much more useful. It was a hard switch I fought tooth and nail.

No Nova?! - No Nova. The dmg it did to me plus Raven AND Aeon surviving it PLUS losing the turn likely by passing after using it is just bad. Portal and some decent strategy can win you more control albiet slower.

Gravebella in action

Questions? Comments? Let's hear them.

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