The Archmage deck "reworked"

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Hi all guys! I posted time ago a solo Nishaven deck. I really like this play-style so want know what do you think about,

and eventually how it can be empowered :P! Got around 250 rating with this, but sometimes i fail badly...


Nishaven x1

Fireball x4

Poison Gas x2

Lightning Strike x4

Engulfing Flames x2

Tome of Knowledge x4

Supernova x2

Clinging Webs x3

Retreat! x2

Sever Ties x1

Ley Line Nexus x1

Voice of Winter x2

Arcane Burst x2

Voltar's Ring x3

Crescendo x2 (think is more helpful then Snow Sapphire)

Static Shock x4

Thoughtful Investment x3

Tell me what do you think, in particular help me improve this deck!

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  1. saroj's Avatar
    sir can u post a deck for allied dark pleaseeeclaw