How to: Become a Hero - Episode 02

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Second Episode of the fantasy story How to: Become a Hero
Its a little longer than the first one, but in this one we start to know something about this world
As in the first Episode I included reference to many things, cause i like to tribute what i enjoyed to see and what inspired me to write this
Catch them all if you can
Comment and feedback are appreciated

How to: Become a Hero - Episode 02

Episode 02 - How to: cast a spell

-Good morning- Krystal said
-Good morning too Krystal. Feeling good today?- Youghel asked
-Yes, thanks-
-Sorry for...hitting you last week. I...I really didn't meant to-
-No need to apologize, Youghel, you save my life too, don't you?-
-Yes, but the Mage helped too-
-Morning Krystal. Can i talk to you?- Lamia said
-I'll leave you two alone if you need. I have important things that wait for me anyways.-
-Oh the breakfast is on the table in the kitchen. I'll be going now, later- Youghel left the room
-So what you wanted to talk to me about Lamia?- Krystal asked
-Do you have magic in your world?- Lamia asked
-No, magic never existed in my world. They said that in middle ages there were magicians but they also said that they were just alchemist. Faking magic-
-Why you ask?-
-Well, since you're stuck in this world you need to learn magic. Everybody use it, even if with restrictions-
-Okay then. Where do I learn magic?- Krystal replied
-We must take you to a magician. And I happen to know someone who might help us-
-Okay, let's go then! But where though?-
-In a city in the far east-
-Let's say goodbye and leave then- Krystal said

The two gathered their things and went out from the house.

-Youghel, we decided to leave. My wound is feeling better now- Krystal said
-You're going then?- Youghel asked
-Yes, we are heading east now. We have to see a person there- Lamia replied
-It was a pleasure to meet you both. And if you happen to come here again, you're always welcome- He said
-Let's go, Krystal- Lamia said
-Bye then, Krystal, Lamia. I hope to see you again in the future, not in the same circumstances thought-
-Yes, hope to see you soon too. And thanks for everything, Youghel- Krystal said

Said goodbye to the people of the village the two friends were leaving for the far east, in the Empire of Elmar, to search for the Mage Lamia spoke about.
While walking they faced a group of soldiers.

-Hey! You heard that?- Asked Krystal
-Soldiers! We can ask them for direction!-
-Go hide Krystal! Now!- Lamia said
-Just hide!-

The two hid under a bridge in the nearby

-Why we hide?- Krystal asked
-Aren't they soldiers?
-No, they aren't-
-Who are them then?- Krystal asked
-Who is He, you mean. That is a Shashi- Replied Lamia
-A what? And how can he be just one if there are eight soldiers there?- Krystal sounded surprised
-A shashi. And yes, that's just one. Shashis can change form to whatever they want, even a group of people. They are strong...and dangerous-
-It's better to let him pass for now, and then find somewhere safe-
-Okay, he's passed now, Lamia-
-I hate those things. For our luck they are rare to see outside this area-
-Are they really that strong?-
-Yes. You don't want to see what they can do trust me-
-Let's find a safe place now-

Shortly after their meeting with a shashi, they found a place for the night and made a camp.

They spent the following three days there.
Lamia took the advantage of the situation to tell Krystal everything about the new unknown world she were stuck in.
They walked for others four weeks before arriving at the doors of the city of Balnara, the Capitol of the Empire of Elmar.

-So this is the Empire of Elmar- Krystal said while looking everywhere, amazed
-Yes, it is-
-Now we only need to find the Mage you told me about then-
-Where do we start Lamia?-

Lamia pointed a tower high enough to reach the sky.
That tower was the Mage's study, research lab and house. is this Mage?
-Yeah, I should say interesting- Lamia replied smiling
-Oh. Is he interesting like Dr. Stanley?-
-Dr. Stanley!? Who is he?- Lamia asked
-Ah, right, we're not in my world. Dr. Stanley is a mad scientist who created a powerful weapon that could kill all the people in the world. Fortunately it was just a movie- Krystal said and giggled
-Here we go, the front door-
-And no, this Mage isn't mad like that-

They finally entered the tower.
After two hours of walking they managed to reach the top.
An other big door loomed before them.

-Hey, you here?- Lamia shouted
-Im Lamia, can you open?-

The door started to open as Lamia shouted.
The two of them walked in.
A person was inside, near the big window.
The Mage was wearing an old robe and its hood was covering his face, making it impossible to see.
Only his old voice could be heard.

-Here you are, finally- Lamia said
-I should have said that, Lamia. I was waiting for you two- The Mage
-My friend here need to learn magic. Can you teach her?-
-You don't know magic? Strange, everybody know magic- The Mage said whispering, behind Krystal
-Ahh! How did you come here behind me!? were there just a moment ago!- Krystal said, scared
-Magic my friend, magic- The Mage said giggling
-How come you don't know magic?-
-It's okay Krystal, you can tell her the truth-

The Mage removed the robe that used to cover her body.
Instead of an old man, a young girl was there, in all her beauty.

-Finally I can remove this robe. That thing surely is heavy to wear, and it just doesn't fit my style- The Mage said're a girl!?- Krystal said surprised
-Yes. What you think I was, a shashi maybe?- I were tall and...your voice...-
-That is the power of magic- The Mage said smiling
-Oh, almost forgot. I'm Jeanette-

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