The Ice Mage. A solo Eladwen deck.

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Hi all guys! I'm a solo hero deck lover, maybe you also seen my solo Nishaven deck :P...

Let's start!

Eladwen Frostmire x1
Fireball x4
Freezing Grip x2
Poison Gas x2
Lightning Strike x4
Engulfing Flames x2
Tome of Knowledge x4 or Bazaar x4
Supernova x2
Voice of Winter x2
Kelvin's Charm x2
Wooden Staff x2 (optional but useful to kill lvl 1, lvl2 creatures)
Shatter Ice x4
Frosted Urigon x4
Sever Ties x2
Ley Line Nexus x2 ( optional but uselful to remove attachments like Enrage or Lone Wolf)
Snow Sapphire x2
Dome of Energy x2
Rejuvenating Ritual x2 (optional but useful if you get poisoned / flamed)

So 45 cards but you can remove some of optional if you want.

As you can see the deck aims on dealing damage with spells to the enemy hero while controlling his creatures.


- Voice of Winter, Frosted Urigon, Kelvin's Charm

1)Place Voice of Winter to froze incoming creatures.

2)Frosted Urigon won't get frozen if you summon him while VoW and his attacks will freeze the target.

3)Kelvin's Charm on Voice of Winter is a good idea to refroze the target.

4)Kelvin's Charm on Wooden Staff can freeze 5 creatures that are attacking you.

Ofc Snow Sapphire and Freezing Grip will help you to continue freeze enemies.

Shatter Ice finish them all .

Leave a cimment :P !

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