How to: Become a Hero - Episode 01

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Very first blog entry for me, and i wanted to share something ive enjoyed writing in my spare time recently.
There are a lot of error and im still a new to those things, so every feedback is appreciated.
Hope you enjoy reading this.

How to: Become a Hero

Episode 01 - How to: make breakfast

-Hey you! Yes you! Wake up!- A voice said
-Come on, don't make me angry!-
-Wake Up!!!- The voice shouted and slapped the girl
-Ouch! Was that needed at all?- She said
-Yes! Of course! You didn't wake up, and for a moment I thought you were dead, so I had to be rude!-
-I wasn't dead last time I checked, thanks!-
-Anyways, where am I?Who and what are you? I never saw such...uh...tiny person- The girl asked
-I'm not tiny! I'm a fairy! We are born like this!- The Fairy said
-Hey I didn't meant to offend you, I'm just surprised to see a... a fairy- The girl said
-Surprised? Why?-
-Because...because...Hey where am I? This is not my house! What happened? What...-
-Hey calm down a second please! We are in the Forest of the Fallen, near the City of Rakam, in the Gamaren Empire, you forgot it?-
-Okay, this is a joke! This can't be real!- The girl said, scared
-Wha...what you mean?- The fairy replied
-Okay guys! You can stop all this now! Come on, please! Tell me it's all a joke!-
-This isn't a joke! Have you lost the memory or what? I told you we are in...-
-Okay, you can stop it now! You aren't re...-
-Don't say that!- The fairy stopped the girl from speaking
-Say what? That you aren't real?-

The fairy fell on the ground

-Uh...fairy? Wake up-
-Hey come on! Stop it I know that this is all a joke! Wake up!-
Suddenly a hunter came out from nowhere and hit the girl, like she was a wild animal
-What...why there's blood...on the it...mine...its coming out of my chest...this isn't a
-Oh my god! This...this isn't a wild noer! This is a girl! I have to take her to the village before its too late!-

The hunter took the girl and the fairy with him at his village, not so far from there
He called a Mage and got the him to cure the girl

-Is she alright now?- the hunter asked
-Yes, now she only needs some rest- the Mage said
-Oh, good to hear, I was so worried-
-What about the fairy?-
-She is just passed out, don't worry. She will awake soon- The Mage said

Three days later

-Ahh!- the girl screamed
-What happen?- the hunter entered the room running
-Oh you're awake-
-Where am I? Who are you? And where is the fairy?-
-Don't worry, your friend is alright, she's on the other room now. We are at Amahriin Village, west of the Forest of the Fallen, and this is my house-
-Oh, I'm Youghel-
-So it wasn't a joke, after all. I'm really in an other world...-
-You okay, lady?- Youghel asked
-Other world? This is the only world I know of-
-I'm...I'm just...yeah, everything's fine. What happen? The last thing I remember is the forest and...there was blood on the ground-
-Oh, I'm sorry. That...that was an accident. I heard some noises from behind a tree and thought it was a wild noer. It was you, unfortunately. Sorry again-
-I managed to take both of you and your friend here, and asked a Mage to cure you-
-A Mage!?- she asked, amazed
-What? You don't know mages?-
-Where me and my friend here come from there are no mages, that's why she's so surprised- the fairy suddenly appeared
-We're from a distant village in the north, where magic is prohibited- the fairy continued
-There are still villages like that!?- the hunter replied
-Yes, but its a long story, and we have to go now. Thanks for everything, Youghel- the fairy hovered in the girl's direction
-Ah sorry but the Mage was clear about it. You can't move until the wound hasn't healed-
-Ah...okay- the girl said
-I haven't asked your name yet, lady. Mind telling me?-
-Uh, no. It's...It's Krystal-
-Pretty name, Krystal. And yours, my little fairy?-
-My name is Lamia-
-Oh well, time for you to rest a little, Krystal. I'll call you when dinner's ready-
-Rest a little too, Lamia. You were passed out-

Youghel went out to hunt

-Why?- Krystal said
-Just why?-
-What?- Lamia replied
-Why you said that we are friend? I don't even know you! I was in my home and suddenly I woke up in a forest in an other world!-
-I did because you summoned me, back in the forest-Lamia said
-I...I summoned you?-
-What you mean by summoned you?-
-Calling someone or something into your world from the World of Gaia-
-That is what, in simple words, is a summoning-
-So it's real...Im in an other world-
-I...I have to go back-
-Back where? To "your" world?-
-Yes, to my world! Something's wrong with that?-
-Yes- Lamia said, convinced -You can't leave this world-
-What? Why?-
-Because there's no other world other than this one, that's why-
-What??? That's...impossible!- she said, shocked -There is surely an other world, my world out there! And I need to come back to it!-
-You know what? I believe you-
-And I'll help you to get back in your world-
-How did you ended up here by the way, Krystal? What you remember of before?- Lamia asked
-All I remember is that I was in my house, and I just woke up-
-Then I went into the kitchen to prepare breakfast-
-I remember I slipped-
-Then someone slapped me, it was you-
-I...I need to rest now- Krystal said
-Okay, I'll go rest too now-
-Yes, Krystal?-
-Earlier you said that we come from a village where magic is prohibited right? What about you? Aren't fairies supposed to be able to use magic?- Krystal asked nervously
-Yes, but I can become invisible you know-
-So even if magic is prohibited I can still use it if invisible. Cool, isn't it?-
-Yeah, that's cool-
-Now get some rest, Krystal. I'll be on the other room if you need-
-One more thing-
-Thanks, Lamia-

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