Can't We All Admit Our Fault And Move On?

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The other day, I posted a private message that I had received from another SE member on the forum and posted it on my blog.(Took a screenshot attached etc) for those of you who have no clue what I'm talking about,cool you can stop reading now. For those of you who do, and were directly affected by it or whatever please continue reading. I realize that I made a mistake in the way that I went about the entire thing, I should have went to the appropriate administration employees instead of making it public. And for that I do apologize. I was going to just stay out of the forums and keep playing SE, until I received quite a few messages from other forum user's apologizing for what happened etc. One of them said "dont quit the forums, that lets him win" I agree. Im not quitting the forums or the game. So ether we can move past this and play the game, or you can ignore me because Im not going anywhere.

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  1. RobotsGoClink's Avatar
    BTW i had removed the blog entry anything thing else that had that to do with it
  2. betrayal4life's Avatar
    This shows a lot of maturity RGC. Righting our wrongs is one of the hardest things for some people to do. The entire situation was unfortunate but this is definently a step in the right direction so I'm proud your decision to take this step.
    Updated 07-13-2013 at 02:49 PM by betrayal4life
  3. RobotsGoClink's Avatar
    I wish you would have seen the backlash this started when I posted this in the forum..
  4. painful_smile's Avatar
    Welcome to the internet ;-)