Majiya Effective while still being Uncomplicated

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I want to start by letting everyone know that I realize that this is a pretty standard majiya deck, I am sure somewhere out there someone has already figured all of this up prior to myself doing so, I am not trying to take any credit and or trying to say that this is all my idea etc. I am simply sharing what seems to be an effective yet uncomplicated deck with the ever so lovely Majiya. (Special thanks to dashbdash aka the boyfriend for expert assistance needed to complete this deck)

With that being said, lets get down to business. Majiya is incredible. She has a built in draw engine that also deals direct damage to allies?!?! Insane!! Not to mention the fact she has the ability to haste out allies (through portal). She may not have any healing ability, but she has EVERYTHING ELSE!! If you play her right, you really don't need that heal anyways. I love that she is completely capable of change, she can be thrown out as a control, burn, rush, solo whatever you decide, she's there, well prepared for what ever is on the board. So here it goes, try it out, tweak it and or Criticize me, I need it.


2x Twisted Familiar (use his ability to restore the 2 resources used.) This small move has literally won games for me. He definitely saved my game before, trust in the little guy.

2x Ironhide Karash- He needs no reasoning, he just rocks.

4x Death Mage Thaddeus-Now he's one of my favorite allies, if or when your opponent uses stealth , Death Mage STILL deals damage to those assholes!! But wait thats not all, if he comes through the portal then he is able to use his abilities technically twice. for a total damage of 3.. Not bad if you ask me.

4x Infernal Gargoyle- He is a tough ass man, with the whole "you can't hurt me like ever".

4x Shadow Knight- He is completely amazing, good damage, decent health, perfect to come out of the portal. Then brings back our once defeated ally from the graveyard.

2x Magma Jackal- This guy right here, man oh man I love him. I rarely use it as just an ally, unless I am completely desperate for someone on the board. I use him for what I like to refer to as him being a well trained suicidal murderer.

2x Scourge Colossus- He disables weapons by simply causing combat damage to the opposing hero? Baller..

Abilities/ Items

4x Fireball- if you dont know you shouldnt play
4x Lightening Strikes- If you dont know.. log off now
3x Tome Of Knowledge- Draw
4x Portal-Haste
2x Sacrificial Lamb- Draw
2x Ley Line Nexus - THESE ARE CRAZY AMOUNTS OF NEEDED- This can disable allies from getting frozen. Being frozen using a portal is lame. You are stuck unless you grab this and toss it out.

And that's it! 20 Allies and 19 Abilities/ Items with of course 1 hero equals 40.
Pretty much the perfect combination in my eyes anyways.

My Choice On Allies-
Some of you are questioning my thought process on a few of these cards, I'm sure you probably want to know why I passed up on some of her "key" allies such as Plasma Behemoth, Death Collector, Ogloth the Gulton, Wulven Savage and hell Karios Doombringer. Well, the truth is, as much as those guys rock, they just couldn't keep my ship afloat.
Everyone has their own personal favorites and if they work for you, that is fantasic.


I get it everyone loves SuperNova, its absolutely great. Wipes the board like a BOSS except the whole I give myself damage to give you damage? Doesn't seem worth it, really. No bad santa, and this comes from me not wanting to share, why am i giving up a turn and using my resources and rewarding my opponent with some draw?? hahaha
I am passing on that. I know a lot of decks with Majiya tend to have freezing grip, Sherk of Vengence,Engulfing Flames, Consuming Fear Etc.But not this one, I promise you this deck has an answer for whatever comes at you.(expect stupidity, sadly enough there is no fix for that) Play her right and she will be good. I swear.

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  1. XanteseZerylliom's Avatar
    I used to be in the same camp as far as Supernova is concerned when I started, but I've since changed my mind. It's a great finishing card (who cares if I take damage if I win?) and, if necessary, cleans a board that can't be managed effectively. Still, keep it up! And welcome to the forums
  2. RobotsGoClink's Avatar
    Supernova isnt awful, I just would rather not cause self inflicting wounds lol
  3. RobotsGoClink's Avatar
    Its just unhealthy
  4. XanteseZerylliom's Avatar
    True as that may be, you might start to see the beauty of the card. I hated the self-damage, too, but at least you're doing as much to your opponent. You don't want to just play it (unless you're playing a suicide build, but those don't work so well), but it has its uses. Maybe try it as a 2x? You probably won't need it often when you've got a decent Portal/ally/ability mix, but it may come in handy as I stated in my first response. Other than that, I like the ideas behind this. Magma Jackal and Twisted Familiar are interesting choices (and ones that are likely to be hotly contested), but I can see the usefulness with Maj and Portal.
  5. RobotsGoClink's Avatar
    alright... you've talked me into it!! I will add 2 supernovas, I am doing that now so as soon as I get them added I will be playing a match and then I will be back to let inform you how much success I have
  6. Jeromy's Avatar
    A bit late to the party (never knew this tab existed) but XZ is telling you true. I just won a tourney last week only because I ran 2xNova. I stepped into the finals to see a warrior with autokill-portal abilities and beefy allies+KP. By going for his face (and casting both Novas in the two games I won) I managed to just barely snag the win. Nova will win you games, promise!