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Singapore Players Meet-up for May 2013!

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7:45pm! Meltdown gets underway! Frenziedpeon is the handsome dude in the middle on the left row. Leon is the dashing dude on the bottom right. Leon's a really cool guy. He's played SE on his phone but was stroked to see physical cards. He wanted to play it right on the spot! Swell guy. hahah! Geckt quickly refreshed Leon on Meltdown rules and the games got underway. Big thanks to Berdugo who filled in for the sixth player slot. Initially, there were only 4 of us, but with Leon coming in, we were slightly caught off-guard because there was no way we could play a 5 person tourney: the reason being the we only had limited time. It's a complex story but in short, there was no way to create a very short and yet fair format for 5 players.


So hence for the 6 players: we had a Rd 1 Single elimination: to determine the Winners and Losers brackets. I swiftly added more prizes in order to create incentive for winners. So, 1st place = 8 codes, 2nd place = 4 codes, 3rd place = 2 codes, 4th place = 1 code.

2 groups of 3 players were thus formed. The winners of Rd 1 were assured of winning a prize and the players in losers' brackets still had a chance to get the 4th placing.

We rolled D20 dice to determine the 'seeding'. 3 of them rolled '4'. Thanks for complicating the matters, guys. sheesh. Please.

ROTFL. Berdugo rolled 20, hence he's top seed. LOL, but he didn't feel great when he realized who was the 'lowest' seed in Rd 1. LOL. Just joking, really. hahah!

All games were best of 1!


Leon (Black-Zhanna) vs FrenziedPeon (Green-Banebow?) I provided sleeves, dice, mat and life counter (blue with white scroll wheels).

My dream scene: Everyone's playing SE! In truth, the rest are playing MTG. There's a tourney on that day. It was almost full crowd. These MtG players did come over and checked us out. Here we see Leon (Zhanna) battling Freziedpeon (Banebow?) and Berdugo (Ele) contesting against Keropok (Elad).


In the winners' bracket:

Raph > Geckt
Keropok > Raph
Geckt vs Keropok: did not happen.

It was 11pm at night. We started at 7:30pm. And all games were just Best of 1!!!!

That shows the deep playing levels and skills of all the players available. A lot of games went to the end/close to the end of the decks.

So, in the end, Kero, me and geckt divided the combined pot of 14 codes amongst us. Since Geckt kindly sponsored some codes too, he offered not to accept any prizes. Kero went home with 4.6 codes.

Card of the day: Lone Wolf.

Till next time, everyone! Thank you so much for coming!

I hope everyone had fun!!! It was my pleasure being the TO of the day.

(NOTES: It's likely that we won't be meeting up for June. Unless it's for Beer and food, great suggestion, Berdugo, heh heh.)

(Well, Geckt and I were completely brain dead at the end of the day: but at least our SE addiction was well-fed, heh heh. Not sure how long the euphoria will sustain, heh heh. If Geckt and I gets hungry again, we might just meet up for some games in June, heh heh, but who knows? Won't be at SGCardMart for sure, likely AMK Hub, NEBO Boardgames Cafe)

(I am fairly sure: when DP cards are here, Meltdown's going to be soooooo funnnn....!!!)[/QUOTE]

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Couple of more Meltdown pics:

Keropok vs Raph. With a rush like that, I still lost.

Raph got milled to death. Those white cards you see on the board are all resources.

Just some aftermath discussions:

1. I know Frenziedpeon got a Foil Ter Adun in one of his packs, I got a foil Anklebreaker too! Yeah!

Did any of you get any epic/good/foils?

(I also had a epic game-changing King's pride which won me my games, heh heh)

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