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22nd Oct 2013, Singapore SE Players Meet-up Report!

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[QUOTE=Raphael Majere;381152](From Raph's point of view: I'll let the others fill you in on their own games/happenings)

Well, I was the Organizer so I made sure my ass was at the location way before anyone else. I had the good idea to snap some pics of the store front and entrance so hopefully the players who have not been there do not get lost trying to make their way there. At least, I know I HAD difficulty locating it the very first time I was there.

The store front pics are here:

At 2:45pm, Conquestadore arrived but I already knew my buddy Geckt was going to be a little late due to work. All thanks to the BP Whatsapp group chat app.

Conquestadore (Ogusp's Moonstalker deck) on the left, Raph (FDL's Serena deck) on the Right. You can see one of Conquestadore's resources is 'removed from play' due to his use of shriek. The ipad is our life counter. It's the "Magic Score" App. So far my favorite, since it allows the upload of our SE avatars. Cool.

KMC "Super" sleeves being used here. I really wanted the foil effect to shine through so I stopped using Double Matt ones. KMC's sleeves are IMO the best. (EXCEPT PEARL WHITE, It sucks!!!) I got pwned by Conquestadore's deck; his shriek removed my Black Garb early and it was big trouble for me. You can see my status being used to display Ankle-breaker's effect, as well as dice to indicate the length of disabled status and the respective attack and health of each ally. And yes, the ankle-breaker's dura. Life-beads = Shadow energy. My Serena had tons but can't use hers due to MS's cover.

Geckt (Majiya) on right, Conquestadore (Raph's Hyper Amber Deck) on left.

Amber foil deck?! Gargoryle's atk reduced to zero due to raven. Conquestadore now with 2 wins. Some of us put dice on our resources pile to indicate number of resources. I would usually prefer a bigger mat...

OP Firesnake on board! Raph (Zaladar - inspired by KA Anson and Kakamong) goes first vs Conquestadore (Lance). I also did a t2 BS, but I still lost. Classic Zal vs lance game. Conquestadore's IGG came out on t4, while my MCs were nowhere to be seen...

At around 3:30pm? Shadowborn joined us and played a couple of games. Geckt's Nishaven vs Shadowborn's Boris. (Who won?) Geckt and Shadowborn also played another game. Geckt (Gwen) vs Shadowborn (Zal). Shadowborn's the dude on bottom right.

The usual BP Guild tradition: Family pic at every meetup. Conquestadore, Keropok, Raph and Geckt. Before Keropok arrived, Conquestadore, me and Geckt went for dinner at around 5:15pm. Dinner and chat was good. We talked about each other's lives and also SE guild gossip. LOL. Geckt and I are hungry pigs and went to buy even more snacks after the dinner was over. Geckt bought Hong Kong dim sum and I acquired honey-coated shanghai-style crispy bun stuffed with roasted 'char-siew' pork. Oh yeah, all the 3 of us also had some pretty good Beancurd milk drink.

Berdugo (in brown shirt) came around 645pm. Yeah! I wanna openly thank Berdugo for being a great sport yesterday. It was thanks to him that a lot of things clicked right. So yeah, thanks a lot, bro! Games got underway; while we waited for Frenziedpeon to arrive. Berdugo (Lance) vs Geckt (MS) and Keropok (Gwen) vs Raph (Zhanna). Keropok's game with me went real close. at 1 point, we were 4 life (him) and 2 life (me).

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