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Raph and Tcsnider's $19.99 "Ultimate Way to Enjoy Shadow Era: Dark Prophecies"!

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(This Article is made possible only with the help of BP Tcsnider. His dominance at per-launched Dark Prophecies tournaments and knowledge allowed us to create and tweak decks that are great for Quick Match at the Challenge area, i.e. Player vs Player.)

This Guide is for new players who just started Shadow Era and is willing to spend around $19.99 to buy crystals. I highly recommend it!

$19.99 really goes a very, very long way. Tcsnider and I managed to build a deck for EVERY single hero. (20 decks in all)

Here are the steps to Ultimate way to enjoy Shadow Era: Dark Prophecies!

1. Open a game account, you'll need a email and password.

2. Choose Boris as your hero.

3. Purchase $19.99 worth of crystals. You will get 2700 crystals.

4. Use the crystals to buy 1 Starter Deck of each type. There are 10 Starter Decks. DO NOT BUY THE 15 card BOOSTER PACKS FOR NOW!

5. Use the crystals again to buy 1 Shadow Wulven deck and 1 Human Rogue deck.

6. Use all of the remaining crystals to buy ELEMENTAL starter decks. This is because the Elemental decks contains cards that sell for the most amount of gold as compared to other starter decks.

7. Go to the merchant and sell off all the cards in excess of 4. You can only have a max of 4 cards of a single name in a deck. Any cards beyond 4 is not useful at all in a game. BE very careful NOT to sell off too many copies! You'll want to collect 4 copies of each NON-HERO card. Since you only need 1 hero card per hero, please sell off all excess copies of HERO cards.

8. Use the gold to buy the cards you need for the decks below. Please DO NOT buy more than what is stated! If I state 3 copies, do not buy 4! The entire card list is here:

Major thanks to BP Pandevmonium, my Shadow Era Blue Phoenix Guild Member for his deck builder.


1. I highly recommend all new players read this too: BP Zhou's Article for new players

2. The Merchant is what he is: a Merchant. Sometimes he does not have stock for ALL the cards that I've suggested for the decks. (Thanks to everyone using this guide and buying all those cards!) There are 2 ways to obtain the cards you want but are out of stock.

1. Wait for an restock. This takes place every 1 month? 2 months? Even I am not sure! But it happens time to time.
2. Wait for someone to SELL the card you want. That means lurking at the Merchant store. Refresh every 1 min. Pray. Sometimes you get lucky! (I got my 4 Berserker's Edge this way.)

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