Dancing Darkclaw - mixed allies and weapons deck. Very fast and deadly!

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I repost my article which originally appeared as a reply in this thread:

First of all, it's not my own deck idea, I've seen it watching a QM and I really liked it and wanted to try it myself. I'm impressed, how well this works. Credits go to the original author of the idea.


I call it "Dancing Darkclaw", because Darkclaw equipped with Speedstrike and Jeweler's dream really seems to dance in a furious fast dance and together with his allies lets his opponent's blood just splash around.


3 Death Mage Thaddeus
4 Shadow Knight
3 Morbid Acolyte
3 Tiger Wulf

4 Captured Prey
2 Now You're Mine
3 Speedstrike
2 Sacrificial Lamb
2 Shriek of Vengeance
4 Blood Moon

4 Jeweler's Dream
3 What Big Teeth
2 Spectral Sabre

T1: Nothing
T2: Blood Moon
T3: Speedstrike
T4: Jeweler's Dream
T5: Tiger Wulf or Shadow Knight, 2* attack + DMT, CP or whatever
T6: ....

This deck really revolves around the combo of Speedstrike and Jeweler's Dream. With Speedstrike you can renew 4 resources per turn and cast your allies and abilities really fast. The Darkclaw's shadow ability on JD makes the weapon attacks able to kill fatties or damage the opponent's hero significantly. It does well in both early and late game, playing first or second.

Card Explanation:
DMT: To damage armored heroes, Ironhide Karashes, Wulven Savages etc., you know.
SK: You can loop them or recycle the Tiger Wulfs, solid strong ally.
Morbid Acolyte: To bypass Aeons and other protectors, stealh etc., really versatile ally...
Tiger Wulf: Another versatile ally, can destroy almost anything, can be looped with SK, good for Sacrifitial Lamb after use.

CP: To neutralize stronger allies you can't deal with another way.
NYM: To kill low cost allies annoying on the board.
Speedstrike: Crucial ability to maximize the use of Jeweler's Dream and the DC's shadow ability.
Sacrificial Lamb: Additional card draw, to maximize potential of Tiger Wulf, to make some use of crippled allies etc., I find myself saccing it often though.
Shriek: To get rid of Tomes, Staffs, Antimatters etc.
Blood Moon: Great main draw, useful in both early and late game.

JD: The second key card, gives the deck deadly power.
WBT: Good and unlimited substitute, when you don't have JD.
Spectral Sabre: Universal card, I use it as a weapon or attachement destruction about 50/50. The damage of 2 can really help to win the game.

Saccing: Duplicities and cards you don't need against (or already have and can't be countered by) specific opponent or in specific situation. Occasional allies, CP and weapons according to

Enjoy and don't hesitate to share your experience!

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  1. Zhou86's Avatar
    Hmm, do consider Lightning Hunter.

    T3 Speedstrike, T4 JD (with SE), you can deal 6 damage with JD, charge up your 4 resources, and cast Lighting Hunter to deal additional 3 damage (Hasted), all in all, 9 damage on Turn 4!

    Lightning Hunter is also excellent late game when it comes down to the wire.