finding your "tech"

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We can all pretty much agree that the base for most decks are the same. If you see a Gwen deck you can count on seeing 4 soul seeker if you are playing any mage you can bet there will be 4 fireballs I think you get my point. But have you ever wondered what sets 1 deck apart from another? The answer is simple its the "tech"

What is "tech" you might ask. "Tech" is any cards that you choose to play in your build that may or may not be seen in a certain deck archetype normally. I will give you a few examples of how to find the best "tech" for your deck. First and foremost is synergy. Does the card(s) you have chosen flow within the basic premise of your deck? Does it counteract anything else in your deck? An example of a bad "tech" choice (and I realize this is extreme but just trying to give people a small idea) would be to run rain delay in an ally heavy rush deck, as this is obviously counter productive to the main focus and strategy of your deck.

A 2nd thing to try to do is to try and find card(s) that fit your personal play style. I have always been a more control oriented player due to the decks I have played in other tcg's, so therefore I tend to lean towards more control based "tech" cards. An example would be my build of Serena from version 1.7. I used 2 copies of Kristopher wyld as an immediate use for assassination. This helped me instantly take back the board to regain control of the game. If you can match your "tech" to your play style it will only help to increase the chances of finding the proper "tech" for you and your deck.

A 3rd option is to look at the current decks you see in QM or for the players who know the term the current meta. What is popular? What decks do you see the most? Now which of those decks are you having the most problem beating? These are the decks you need to strengthen your own deck against. Example in the current meta I am playing a Boris build, I was running into a lot of mirror matchups, wulven, and attachment based priest decks, these decks were giving me the most trouble so I built accordingly. I decided to "tech" 2 copies of spectral sabre since this card can help me with all my bad matchups.

I hope this can help new players get a better understanding of 1 of the crucial phases of deck building. Any questions or comments feel free to post them

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