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  1. nanana collection is from an animie if you are interested: 龙ヶ嬢七々々の埋蔵金
    nanana is 777 in Japanese, it's the name of a main character in it.
  2. Actually they are the same one, but it just don't work on a profile picture.
  3. Thanks for customization, like! Yours looks great to but why no blinking BP on this avatar?
  4. Hey, your user customization on this page is cool!
  5. Oops, I get it, not a speech but I ment speak, I don't speak your language well! Oh well age doesn't mean smart!
  6. Sorry, father here! No speech!
  7. You are going to deliver a speech?
    Hmm...are you the father or the daughter now?
  8. If you mean beep as in a sound, I have no idea! But the BP is blinking on and off like a stop light, I think that's what you mean? Tell me wHere you are again and I will tell you my speech is not to good!
  9. Then how to make my avatar "beep"?
  10. It's not "beep" in English, it blink, like blinking your eyes! Beep is what a car horn does! But your avatar is cute as I am sure you are!
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