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  1. Kyle, 'thank you' for a great game! I have an idea for modification: Anyone who's played over 200 games will understand this, "PEOPLE ALWAYS QUITTING EARLY IF THEY DON'T LIKE YOUR DECK" Which is cherry picking, unsportsmanlike and dishonors the very design of the game. If I get a 'great' match up then I should have the honor of playing that game, and I do the same for any opponent I play. I'm usually always rated between 235-250, so I'm not just a random player. Maybe have it set if that person quits they lose points OR a system tracking that if they are reported as being out of a game in under a minute (or rankable time) in 5% of their games they don't get gold OR experience again until they get their ratios down. 5% seems safe because even considering sync issues if we lower the % of quitters, it'll affect us all less. Thanks! Really appreciate it. (I think this is my first post on the site, if that gives any additional credit to the very reason I came to post this)
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