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  1. If your there, I challenge! Any hero, live server! I will set game, password 1234
  2. I wasn't being sarcastic. I really will put a thread like that up if it becomes necessary. I was a bit mad that the thread was bumped after it had been cleared up by the awesome members of our community, but I wouldn't say I was pissed off (You most likely will never see that side of me online). Its not really about cleaning up the forums, its about preventing players from being publically and falsely accused of actions worth of being penalized. It can do more harm than good to put someone in the open spot light. Its better to solve those issues behind doors, for various reasons.I appreciate the notice though.

    There was nothing wrong with the way you recruited. They don't need to be refereed to a senior, their application will be all they need.
  3. The problem isn't that we don't have a stand against it, the problem is that no one ever listens to the rule. Honestly, I've said it about 100 times already. I suppose I could make a sticky saying "found a cheater? Look here before posting!" explaining to just email support. That would be better than insta locking every thread. Believe me, I understand what this does, I was the one who blatantly made it known that I was furious at other attempts at this. I'll lock the thread since people will keep posting in it after its been resolved (more or less :X) and say it again:

    Dam dude I have never seen you so pissed!
    But I agree with youbon many cases like this one, ( piseed player vs other player) , cleaning the forum and such!
    Just didn't want your work to go unnoticed, and we are pleased to have you out there!
    Thanks Guild master!
    By the way if I recruit or let anyone know of A1/AA1 again, I will make sure they got to a AA1 senior first, before the app get to you,
    My bad!
  4. haha, glad it worked out for you.
  5. Hey Big D,
    Just wantedto say, VICTORY! you posting that pict for me got me thinking and with alot of editing, i was able to get a version to work!
    The upload file only works on PCs and maybe macs but I got it through our rust old pcs at the office!
    You da Man thanks
  6. lol, no problem. Its my job as a moderator to maintain the state of the forums. It allows me to help others like that from time to time.
  7. Now I understand what a MOD is, you! Thanks
  8. Hi D,
    Thanks for the tips, I will try and get something going inIRL. I must admit there is a large age gap between myself and the other players I have encountered.. Oh well, at least we get to play.
    I really look forward to the expation cards,!
    Thanks from the father daughter team,
    Kip thorp
  9. Well there is always the section of the forums used to discuss the physical game. You could try asking around there if there is anyone in your area to set something up at a nearby game shop or something. You can also ask your game shop to start selling them if they haven't already. Even going to a shop to show off the game is a great way to get people interested. I showed a few of my new classmates this semester the game after seeing them play magic and I have 3 new people to play the physical game with.

    I started with Serena and she's pretty awesome once you get used to her play style. As for stronger cards, the expansion is coming and every hero is getting some new tools to work with.
  10. Hi, Demnchi, I would like to thank you for the response, believe it or no as an old school d&d player I have introduced my daughter (she's 8) to this form of gaming. She named our character! I makes her think a few turns ahead and she loves it. We own physical cards but can't find anybody in our area who plays, can you help us out to find other players? I admit I am not a computer guy but am trying, is there a message board or something where we can keep supporting the Shadow Era franchise?
    Thanks for the response,
    Team Kip Thorp
    By the way we only play with Serena as a hero, (the girls choice). She could use a few more powerful cards please!
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