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  1. Prey bird, if you can tell me how to tag our posts, I would be even more impressed, but as a writter a gotta let me know what ya think is best.
    1) daddy daughter team of death
    2) it's the hands behind daddy ya gotta watch out for!
    3) if I die there is one to replace me!
    My personal tag and she likes it to: death, death! To all who defy us!
    I have it in Latin but its lost on most folks!
    Anyway thanks for your help and if it is anywhere near your birthday! Happy happy and have a drink on me!
    ( payable in SE gold only, sorry. . )
  2. Heya, was thinking maybe you should put your "Daddy daughter team of death" tagline in your signature, save you having to type it every post

    Cool tagline too!
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