• Shadow Era at EGX 2018!

      We're very pleased to confirm we will be showcasing Shadow Era (in both digital and physical form) at the UK's biggest video games event, EGX, at the NEC in Birmingham on Thursday 20th September until Sunday 23rd September.

      * If you are coming along already, seek us out in the Rezzed Zone (RZ2, position 2), and there will surely be some treats awaiting you!

      * If all this is news to you, we have some more good news: tickets are still available here:

      Who will be there?

      Since we are a global team, we are not able to get everyone there, but you can certainly meet yours truly (Ian / Gondorian), some of our friendly UK games demonstrators, and a very special guest, the Hypnogician, who stars in our monthly bundle and will be appearing as a card in the Campaigns set in the very near future!

      Stay updated

      During the event, we will be revealing some exciting and exclusive news. If you can't make it then do look out for updates on this forum and social media, as well as coverage in the press (such as here)!

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      1. Vexmaw's Avatar
        Vexmaw -
        Very nice, best of luck to you and everyone else attending. Can't wait to see the news!
      1. tman507's Avatar
        tman507 -
        Quote Originally Posted by Gondorian View Post
        a very special top secret guest! (You will need to come to our stand to find out who it is!)
        Awww, what about for those of us outside UK? lol

        But yeah, excited for this, as well as for the special news. Looking forward to hearing more.
      1. tolerance's Avatar
        tolerance -
        Go get more players! LoL
        Enjoy the event for those of you planning to go there
      1. Gondorian's Avatar
        Gondorian -
        Quote Originally Posted by tman507 View Post
        Awww, what about for those of us outside UK? lol
        I've reconsidered and think it's worth announcing who it will be beforehand! You will find out tomorrow!
      1. Gondorian's Avatar
        Gondorian -
        As confirmed on the new monthly bundle thread, our special guest will be none other than the Hypnogician!

      1. Gondorian's Avatar
        Gondorian -
        We're back safe and sound now from EGX and it has been a blast. So many new players were introduced to the game and their response was resoundingly positive, which bodes well for the future when we invest in more advertising and marketing of the game.

        If you are reading this now as one of the people who discovered us at EGX, we'd love to hear how you are getting on!
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