• SEFtember Team Challenge

      After four months of the SEF Team Challenge, we took a break for two months to let Vull assess the performances of each hero and give a few of them reconstructive surgery, but now it's back for the very special month of SEFtember.

      And, because this is a very special month, we have DOUBLED all the over-achiever and MVP Prizes.

      Shadow Era Federation Background

      The Shadow Era Federation is intended to be a fun way to enhance the core Shadow Era experience, through new challenges, rewards and significance placed on Rated Multiplayer results, whilst also boosting player engagement and entertainment when you aren't able to battle.

      We will be achieving this through a brand new tangential storyline involving Vull the Insatiable, the ruler of the Shadow world of Phaed, who has managed to capture all 32 of our heroes on Phaed and has forced them into competing against each other in various events within what will surely be his biggest ratings winner of all time, the Shadow Era Federation.

      Vull is not ashamed to admit it has not been an easy task to assemble and contain all 16 Human heroes and 16 Shadow heroes, but he has addressed this in an ingenious way through initially dividing each faction into its smallest unit and then weaving them together to make 16 Human/Shadow teams that will take part in the SEF Team Challenge. Whether between teams or within teams, the expected scale of conflict is certain to keep every hero distracted from unifying against their captor!

      We have really enjoyed seeing this story unfold so far, with the players at the heart of where it goes.

      How the SEF Team Challenge Works

      Every Rated Multiplayer match played during the month will represent a match between two heroes in the SEF:

      * if the heroes are on different teams, a win will count as a win for the winning hero's team;
      * if they are against their partner, a win will help show who is the more dominant team member;
      * if they are in a "mirror match”, where both heroes are the same, it will show how close that hero is to their breaking point.

      The statistics from these matches will act as the foundation for the original storylines within the SEF that will be told in a variety of ways, from short stories and articles to videos.

      But what of the challenges and rewards that were mentioned? Well, for the SEF Team Challenge, it will work as follows:

      1) Each rated multiplayer match you win with a hero will count as a win for their team, regardless of the opponent (since you can’t choose who you face).

      2) Once per team, when you achieve 5 wins with them, you will earn 10 SC, meaning 160 SC can be won during the month (along with your usual 80gold and 400XP for a win). You will be able to view your progress with each team on your Status screen.

      3) At the end of the month, prizes will be awarded to players based on the minimum number of wins you achieve for every team. (Please see the next section.)

      SEFtember Team Challenge Prizes to be Awarded at the End of the Month

      Basic Prizes:

      1 win with every team = 1 LL booster pack
      2 wins with every team = 2 LL booster packs
      3 wins with every team = 3 LL booster packs
      4 wins with every team = 4 LL booster packs
      5 wins or more with every team = 5 LL booster packs + Black SEFtember Sleeve

      Over-achiever Prizes:

      In addition to Basic Prizes for 5 wins with every team:

      10 wins with every team = 10 Premium Foil packs + 10 Prize Packs + 10 Pick-a-Card + Bronze SEFtember Sleeve
      20 wins with every team = 20 Premium Foil packs + 20 Prize Packs + 20 Pick-a-Card + Silver SEFtember Sleeve
      30 wins with every team = 30 Premium Foil packs + 30 Prize Packs + 30 Pick-a-Card + Silver SEFtember Sleeve
      40 wins with every team = 40 Premium Foil packs + 40 Prize Packs + 40 Pick-a-Card + Gold SEFtember Sleeve
      50 wins with every team = 50 Premium Foil packs + 50 Prize Packs + 50 Pick-a-Card + Gold SEFtember Sleeve

      MVP Prize for Each Team:

      The player with the highest number of wins for a specific team = 20 Pick-a-Card + Black SEFtember Sleeve

      Player Leaderboard and MVP List:

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