• Inside the Artist's Studio #3 (Lukasz Matuszek)

      Hello, and welcome back to Inside the Artist's Studio. Today we have Lukasz Matuszek, creator of Hunter and Wulven arts for Lost Lands Part 2, as well as the amazing Campaign Legendaries; Dark Riding Hood, Kion, and of course that cunning master of the SEF himself, Vull the Insatiable.

      1. Tell us a little about yourself, such as who are you, where are you from, your age if you like, and any other bits of info you'd like to share.

      In short my name is Lukasz and I'm from Poland using the nickname ortheza on the internet. Probably you would be more interested about other things.

      2. Tell us a bit about your art background, such as when and how did you start, education, etc.

      Doing art is my hobby since childhood. It sounds cliché, but it is how it all started. I have always admired old master painters. Their works have done good things, it was the main reason I wanted to be like them. Do images peoples could love. I do illustrations for quite a while, professionally about 10 years now. But I have no specific art education. I was studying Computer Science. All my art skills I've worked out "myself". Quotes, because there is no such thing :-) I have learned from other artists, studying their images, reading books, tutorials and exercising a lot.

      3. Have you or do you work in more traditional physical mediums (e.g. painting), or do you mainly like to create digitally? If so, what about digital attracts you to that medium?

      I have started from traditional mediums, pencil/pastel/paint but as soon as doing graphics was possible on the computer I used it to make some pieces. It was far from the art we can see and could do today but it was something Now such graphics are called "pixel art". It was fun, but during these times I was doing art on paper mostly. Real digital art started much later when I could obtain Painter 3.0 and Wacom tablet - penpartner. It was a long time ago. You can check on internet how much. So in short I was always familiar with computer/digital medium.

      4. Have you done work for other CCG/TCG or video game projects? If so, what games?

      My first card art commission was Farwilds, an old online card game by Code Collective. Another game I was working for was Phageborn, still in development but you can find info about this game online. Great project, lots of beautiful art. And Third title is Shadow Era also interesting and very promising. I'm happy I'm part of this project.

      5. Do you play any video games in your free time? Maybe some of the games you've done work for (Shadow Era is a pretty great one if I do say so myself.)? Or what other hobbies or recreational activities do you take part in during your free time?

      I’ve known video games since old times. I have been playing in many, many titles, hard to count Recently I have no time for such activities. Work takes almost all of my time. But I've managed to find some time to play Shadow Era. I can't tell much about it yet, I'm on the very start of the single plyer campaign. In my experience such games become very interesting after you play for some time. You have to know cards/mechanics etc. and it takes time.

      6. What is the process of creating each card artwork like? Gondorian (Ian) gives you some sort of general prompt of what he's looking for I assume and then what? How much do you go by the prompt and how much do you go by your imagination?

      Yes, it starts with the brief and some reference, if there are any . Then I start to draw usually with pencils and paper. After that I chose one or two sketches I found good enough, and show them to Ian. We talk about them, make some changes, and take the best solution. Then I do the rest of the art digitally on my tablet. Thanks to Ian I have great freedom during creation of each piece. I appreciate this very much.

      6b. One of the first artworks of yours that was revealed was a very special one to the SE community, the Dark Riding Hood artwork, to commemorate a very special member of our community Caitlyn0. What did Gondorian describe for this artwork and did he inform you of its significance?

      I knew only that she was a special member of the community and that you want to commemorate her in one of the cards. The name "Dark Riding Hood" is quite self-explanatory. There was no problems in finding good solution for this. Ian gave me also a good reference I could base on.

      7. Is Gondorian pretty strict when it comes to what he's looking for with each art? Or does he just let it be mostly up to what you imagine?

      I've mentioned this already. I'm quite free, but sometimes we have to narrow some things. The art has to explain what the card does. This is illustration as a part of the game mechanics, not the opposite. So the way the image communicates is top priority.

      8. For any aspiring artists out there, what are some of the devices and software you use in your work?

      You can do awesome art using almost every software on the market. You can use Painter, Photoshop, GIMP, etc. There are no other rules but one - you have to master it. But you have to remember that software no matter how good or expensive doesn't do art by self. Those are only tools. Your skills are most important. Technically and practically you have to stick to software which can produce files your client’s needs.

      9. What is your favorite part of the creative process? Planning out a concept? Delivering the final piece?

      The most fun part for me is designing the illustration and this is most important one. Second favorite part is the moment when your client is happy with your work.

      10. How long does the average Shadow Era artwork take to complete?

      It depends, but from few to several hours. Sometimes more.

      11. What are your favorite things to draw (e.g. warriors, creatures, environments, sci-fi, etc.)?

      Some things are easier other more difficult for me to draw, but I have no distinct preferences.

      12. Do you have a favorite artwork in Shadow Era (one of your own or another that you have seen)?

      There are many very nice illustrations but I have no one specific favorite art.

      13. Lightning round! Favorite food? Favorite animal? Favorite place? Favorite movie? Favorite song?

      Spaghetti, cat, hard to choose, to many , none.

      14. And finally, do you have any sites where people can have a look at more of your work?
      Second one is quite rich, you can find there very old stuff also.

      Once again, thank you for taking the time to give the Shadow Era community these insights into the creation of this game's great artwork and into yourselves as the people who create it.

      You are welcome.

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        Hi! ;-)
        I have joined SE Forum at last. So big Hallo from me.
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        Hi! ;-)
        I have joined SE Forum at last. So big Hallo from me.

        (Yes, folks, this really is the artist who has brought so many great artworks to the game this past year. And there are many more to come!)
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        Hi! ;-)
        I have joined SE Forum at last. So big Hallo from me.
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