• Organizational Update March 2018

      We wanted to put this into Chairman's Update 5, but we've decided to defer making that until after Lost Lands Part Two has released, so we have this short organizational update in the mean time.

      The Board of Directors has been streamlined to three members and we have found this to be working well since this change was made in mid-February:
      - Ian Bolton (Gondorian on here, @Gondorian on Telegram) as Chairman
      - Nikola Pokimica (Veles on here, @NikVeles on Telegram)
      - Joseph Cook (Phantom on here, @Phantom_BoD on Telegram)

      We three are also Directors of Shadow Era Ltd, the legal entity we need to take income directly from Google Play, the App Store, Steam, our online store, etc. and pay expenses such as web hosting. As of right now, all income still flows through Wulven (and all expenses are paid by Wulven) but we have visibility of all this and full control of where money is spent. The transition to having everything being under Shadow Era Ltd is taking longer than originally planned because there is a lot to try to get right that could ultimately impact the game negatively if we rushed it through.

      Whilst the Board of Directors is now almost completely different to where we started in August, our Organizational Purpose is still the same, and indeed the changes we've made so far (and the decision to not rush the transition) have been driven by this:

      "To continuously improve Shadow Era in a regular and sustainable way for the benefit of its players and token holders."

      (One other organizational change to note, which is also driven by that, is that I have become Game Director, with the same high-level responsibilities as I had before, but much more work has now been delegated to others that I have faith can deliver as well or better than I could.)

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      1. goofything's Avatar
        goofything -
        Any date for when we might see the Chairman's Update #5.

        I'd love to hear a timeline for a new UI rollout.
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