• Keldor Interviews the Stars of the SEF #2

      Keldor: Hi, everybody, it's Keldor here. I'm back to interview more teams from the Shadow Era Federation Team Challenge. I'm starting today with Team Gwenadar.

      Keldor: Gwenneth, youíre looking fit as a fiddle these days. Would you share your exercise routine and diet with us?
      Gwenneth: I take good care of myself, but I still donít have your figure there Keldor. Whatís your size, -2?
      Keldor: I wouldn't know. It's been so long since I've been clothes shopping. Zaladar, were you...SHOCKED...when Vull pulled this little stunt?
      Zaladar: To be summoned to the world of Phaed, itís a place we cannot possibly understand.
      Keldor: Speaking of places, let's pretend you're both stranded alone on separate desert islands. Youíre only allowed to have one item with you. Which item would you have?

      Gwen: My cobraskin wraps, unless it's a nude beach, of course.
      Zaladar: A shard of power. Always best when you donít have to share it with the little ant Sparks.

      Keldor: Well, that went better than expected. Gwen must be having a calming influence on Zaladar somehow. Let's move onto the pairing I like to refer to as Team Quagmire.

      Keldor: Skervox, rumor has it that Eladwen can be pretty frosty sometimes. Has she given you the cold shoulder?

      Skervox: She has. Always skulking in the corner, muttering under her breath. Not sure if sheís casting spells or cursing at me...
      Keldor: Perhaps a question for another day. Eladwen, did Skervox come with all those arrows already sticking out of him or did you add a few?
      Eladwen: A real mage has no need for projectile weapons, but my Dagger of Unmaking is itching for his disgusting form.
      Keldor: Seems like you two are getting along well! How do you plan to work together to win this thing?
      Skervox: Unfortunate as it is, I will be forced to work with that wicked b.. err ... witch.
      Eladwen: Just biding my time until all of these abominations, human and shadow, can burst into a cloud of ice.

      Keldor: Well those two really live up to the nickname I gave them. Let's hope this last team I'm interviewing today can bring the mood up a little. It's Team Nish-Upon-A-Star!

      Keldor: Nishaven, do you have any tricks up your sleeve for the upcoming fights?
      Nishaven: There might be a lightning bolt or 2 up there. You better watch yourself, Keldor, I remember where you were loyal during the war...

      Keldor: Oh, come on, you know where my loyalty lies: with my beloved viewers! Speaking of viewers, I think everyone at home has been wondering whether you can swim, Elementalis?

      Elementalis: Elementals have no need to swim; the water fears our very form itself, and runs. Just like this pathetic mage.
      Keldor: Well, it's pretty clear where you stand on your team mate, Elementalis. I wonder if there is any message either of you would like to send to your opponents?

      Nishaven: Please, go ahead, turn your back. You can trust me.

      Elementalis: Life and energy are not so different. Except that life will die.

      Keldor: That's right. And only the best of the dead get to come back as undead ... like yours truly! Speaking of back, that brings us to a close here, but I will be back to see you all next time on another edition of Keldor Interviews.

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      1. Offspring's Avatar
        Offspring -
        Well done once again!!
        Im loving the interviews.

        Also I believe Keldor should present next Oscar
      1. mindtripper's Avatar
        mindtripper -
        Why didnt you just take up being a interviewer in Balor Keldor? Your much better at it than being a fighter. XD
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