• SE Short: Wizent's Journal (Part 4)

      This time Loest did not pause as the passage ended, quickly flipping through the pages for anything of more merit. The pages described recurring dreams of nonsensical ideas, followed by a profound lack of hope for the future. This sadness his father had been experiencing had been hidden well, or perhaps he'd just never noticed it. He'd been so caught up in the rumors and stories floating about, not to mention his own newly discovered abilities, he'd never considered what his father might have been dealing with.

      Ignoring the pangs of guilt, he at last settled on a passage that seemed of great importance to his father.

      Earthsday the 35th of Stormaan, 999 L.W.

      It's been weeks since King Rothem brought a few of the Shadow Crystal to the temple for study, though not us alone. Supposedly he also sent some to the College in Lyth. Honestly, I'm not sure what he expects from a group of healers, but one can only argue so far with a King. I have the utmost respect for the intelligence of those who live in this temple, but it would make more sense to send it to the temples of Zail where the clerics are more accustomed to advanced studies. It seems being a personal friend to someone's father comes with certain expectations.

      Irregardless of that, though, is the feeling I get when I'm near the things. Whatever they're made of, whatever allows them to do incredible things they do, I'm not sure I really want to find out. These large stones fill me with an unease my dreams and the recent stories combined could not achieve. Perhaps it's only magnifying them? Either way, they disturb me to the core; a feeling I know I am not alone in.

      Several of the priests have expressed disdain for being in the same room with the crystals in multiples; I've actually had them separated into different areas of the library to help diminish this unease. It seems to have helped on some level, but still many are weary of the effects. I've heard some say they just feel 'angry' or 'sad' around them. Others just express a general 'fear' permeating the room. Only Zhanna and Loest seem to be immune to these ill effects among the clergy, which might be the most fearful discovery of them all. Whatever magic Loest had been able to conjure before, with the Crystal at his side the boy could shatter any expectation or belief. Though his present astonishments pale in comparison to whatever these things give to Zhanna.

      A man came to us, his foot severed from limb by the plow in his fields days ago. Arada, you have blessed us with an understanding of healing, but the best we could do in days past was to prevent infection and lessen the pain. As a farmer, he would be incapable of earning a living for himself and those who depend upon him, but your teachings would have saved his life. The young priestess couldn't abide this, and offered to try to harness the energies of these new objects into healing the man.

      At first I was opposed, but the stubborn girl reminded me that Rothem had wanted these Shadow Crystals studied and understood. Her idea fit with that request, and I was forced to allow her to try. When the man's foot began to reappear, exactly as it would have been had there never been an accident, I knew I'd made the wrong decision. These powers are beyond what the Seven intended us to wield. There has to be a cost, one we've just yet to see.

      Combined with my recent dreams, I find everything I learn about the world Balor is becoming only raises more questions. Where are these crystals from? Surely, a power this great is known to someone. If so, are they coming to collect it?

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        I like the fact that you're writing about the crystals, the studies and their effects on people. That is interesting to read about. Now I expect to see Loest himself as a card in Shadow Era He could be a mage or a priest but sounds more like a mage. He could be a new human mage or an ally.
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