• SE Short: Wizent's Journal (Part 3)

      Loest paused once more, letting the words truly have the time they needed to process. So few books would have possessed any details on what had happened at the start of this brutal war, and fewer people had been so well positioned to see the grand scale as his father had been. Was it possible the cause of it all, the source of this bitter plague had been recorded as well? Impatiently, he flipped ahead several more pages, hoping three months was enough time for his father to really explain the most terrible events across his homeland. Desperately he found himself drinking in the words as if he'd never understood what he'd been carrying until that moment.

      Watersday the 33rd of Seedmaan, 999 L.W.

      Blessed Arada, these are trying times indeed. Since Nishaven returned with those accursed stones from the mountain, it seems all of the world has fallen to madness. Many of our people claim all of the seven have abandoned us, some have even began to flee to foreign nations from the terrors that seems to be plaguing Layar. I do not blame them for these fears, not with the rumors that are falling upon my ears as of late.

      Animals, more like monsters I'm told, appearing in the forests and attacking anything and anyone who crosses their 'domains'. At first I believed they were just the animals reflecting the unrest of our citizens; that lasted until my healers began sending me reports of the wounds they'd been called to treat. Wounds, they claimed, that were made by nothing they'd seen. A snake bite that left marks as if held to an open flame, or a boar with tusks that grew as it felled the members of a small hunting party. Abominations that could only come from the dark domains the Brother's Faiths, Ellos and Vozit, speak of. I admit to it, I've requested a cleric from the Temples of Unaxio to come and tell me more of the clashing religions. Despite the distance, I'm grateful the man agreed to come.

      The most astonishing reports, I believe, are those that some of my healers have been able to... I don't know how to phrase it, not even to myself. They claim they can
      spontaneously heal the wounded. I'd heard the stories of magic, men able to impress their will upon the world through the ego of our race in flames and light, but to hear priests able to harness these powers for the good of their brothers and sisters... it leaves me speechless. My dear Zhanna believes these powers are your gift to our world, an answer to our prayers. Part of me fears it is her own heart searching for answer, since she too is reportedly able to harness these new powers.

      In my heart of hearts, I hope her feeling is correct. I hope her faith is proven strong, but by all the gods and goddesses I'm so afraid for my people. I feel weary to my bones, and I don't see any hope of reprieve. In fact, if my dreams are to be believed, these dark days are only the beginning. It's as if the sun is setting on our land, and the shadows are stretching out over it, slowly taking everything in.

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        Good one.

        It is possible that the AI will be updated as well. At least they should get their deck lists updated.
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