• SE Short: Wizent's Journal (Part 2)

      Loest paused for a moment to take in his father's words. He'd known his lack of faith had always concerned the man, but to see the depth of those concerns so plainly stated was breathtakingly difficult for the young man. So much so that he even considered putting the book away rather than bear these inner thoughts.

      However, these were his father's words. When he read them Loest could almost hear the man's voice again. Perhaps the pain of truth was less than the pain of loss, but the young man found himself spreading the worn leather apart once more to the events three weeks later.

      Lightsday the 10th of Snoman, 998 L.W.

      Blessed Arada, I don't know if I have the strength to bear the trials of these times. Since the day those men fell into the cavern atop Mount Balor everything has been slowly falling into chaos. Good men, loyal men, turning against their superiors for no reason. Riots and assaults are now more frequent than progress on the construction. They cannot even make charges for the murders because they are becoming so common.

      I've sent three members of our church now to aid these men, to remind them of the seven and the love of Arada. The first abandoned his calling, falling into the same blind rage as the others. The second was summarily murdered in his sleep within a week of his arrival. Thankfully the third was able to escape with only minor injuries from his attackers and is safely back here with us.

      I am grateful that Rothem is taking the issue seriously as well. I just received a letter detailing the guards he's sending. Even his advisor is tagging along to try and restore some semblance of order there. While I still worry for the king's motives, at least action is taking place. The sooner the issue is sorted the better.
      I suppose, though, that the failures of my fellow man are only part of what troubles me so. As silly as it is to write this even in secret, my dreams trouble me so much more. So realistic, so vivid, and yet incomprehensible. I am not sure if I should pray for them to stop or for understating of what they mean.

      I see small shadows, tiny specs in the sea of the light that is Balor. They would be nothing, except something brings them together, draws them into a single darkness. Slowly this darkness creeps out and seeps into everything. It and the light fight for the whole of the world, warring until an ultimate stalemate.

      These battles are terrifying in their scope, but only serve as pretense; Celestial beings of unimaginable power. Too much for our broken world to stand against. They purge the world of all that is and ever will be. I want to believe my mind is just too focused on the texts I've been reading, yet still this fear remains.

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        ahmet476 -
        Near the end it says "understating". It should be "understanding".
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