• Meltdown Improvements!

      We're making improvements to the new Dark Prophecies Meltdown format!

      From now, the starting jackpot will be 1,000,000 gold. This will give you a much bigger payout to people in the top tiers, making it a lot more profitable!

      And that's not all! We're adding foils to the prizes! The top 3 players will receive a foil card of both Legendary Allies. The top 4-10 players will receive a single random foil of one of the Legendaries. The top 11-50 players will receive a single random foil card.

      Good luck everyone!

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      1. AznAriez's Avatar
        AznAriez -
        Oh...thought the increased jackpot and foils were for this week only...played so many games for it LOL
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