• Dark Prophecies Released!

      We're very happy to announce that Dark Prophecies has been released and is starting to roll out to all platforms!

      This new version features:

      - 150 new cards
      - DP and CotC mixed meltdown
      - New and improved GUI
      - Many new amazing card sleeves

      Please note! On iOS this is the new iTunes URL that you will want to go to. The old app will not automatically update from the App Store!

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      1. Gondorian's Avatar
        Gondorian -
      1. FDL's Avatar
        FDL -
      1. FDL's Avatar
        FDL -
        The 2.0 PC client still links to 1.7 client.
      1. Atomzed's Avatar
        Atomzed -
        It must be the effect of my meeting with Gondorian that the DP got released!

        The 2 of us has stopped playing our physical game to install the games.
      1. busti's Avatar
        busti -
        woot woot
      1. GreyMouser's Avatar
        GreyMouser -

        Can't buy packs though..
      1. FDL's Avatar
        FDL -
        Quote Originally Posted by GreyMouser View Post

        Can't buy packs though..
      1. Atomzed's Avatar
        Atomzed -
        Damn gondorian had finished installing the games already...
      1. Jo3yb0i's Avatar
        Jo3yb0i -
        Where is the update notes
      1. najmister's Avatar
        najmister -
        Atlast!!!.... Finally!!! I am falling short of words!
      1. AnomalousT's Avatar
        AnomalousT -
        Yes. . .YES. . .YES!!!! I am so excited!!!
      1. Kylt's Avatar
        Kylt -
        ...only 150 new cards?
      1. King K's Avatar
        King K -
        Aaagghh! This is amazing! New hero art is insane!!!!!
      1. GrimGuardians's Avatar
        GrimGuardians -
        Love the new expansion but sadly it outdated all content on my website
        bitter sweet I guess but diffidently a welcomed changed
      1. Kip thorp's Avatar
        Kip thorp -
        Fantastic Kyle, Gondorian, Wulven everybody who made it happen! Just great!
      1. Alquintela's Avatar
        Alquintela -
        How can I do to release to Dark Prophecies? I'm linux user and play by Wine
      1. Goran -
        How can i instal this to my ipad? Im kinda new to it and nid help
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