• Characters in Profile (3): Katrin the Shieldmaiden

      It's that time once again! This week, we're going to delve a little bit into a human ally who gets discussed more often than she's used. I have a feeling she's alright with that though, since she does love some attention. Hopefully you guys enjoy the text beside the picture too!

      About the Card:
      Katrin is, in my humble opinion, one of the most undervalued cards in Shadow Era. Gaining +2 health in the right place can be devastating, especially if combined with Protectors and a few other weenies (not that Erika isn’t a prime target too!). She might not be rocking the tournament scene right now, but Katrin has the synergy that makes human allies so good, and I think she's an ally who will only get better with time.

      Cost: 2
      Faction: Human
      Ability: 1: Target friendly ally gains +2 health. This ability can’t be used again while that ally is in play.
      Flavor: ’There was a sudden increase in targets needing shielding…’


      The Lord of Protection, Rilard, is prayed to by any standing force in Layar. Even the hardened people of Lyth have been known to say his name before stepping out for one their more treacherous hunts. His clerics offered the safety of their walls to many of the refugees during the Last War, despite the strict laws against it. This action forced the king of that time to send his General, Arthyle, to take one of the temples by force. When Arthyle's army arrived to break down the walls, the legends say that people from every country united, chanting Rilard's name and held the walls against the assault for so long that the armies of Layar turned away and went back to their war. This legend was cited several times during the formation of special camps to school others in the art of protection.

      These schools created a specialized force of guardians, capable of aiding allies through almost any situation. Though there's been no war since those days, the followers of Rilard have kept their training at the absolute peak to ensure that, should another war arise, they would be ready. Among these stalwart soldiers, Katrin Elory had been something of a rising star.

      Katrin's father had been no one of note, and her mother had always worshipped the Seven Gods of Layar with great fervor, so, when the time came for the young girl to make a choice, her family were elated that she should enter the service of such a prominent deity. Thus, the young girl grew into a woman with a shield in her heart and her hand, ready to leap out at the very first sign of danger, to defend anyone in need of protection.

      And such signs of danger soon became commonplace once the Shadow began its invasion of Balor. The first Shadow Gates formed in her country, and their armies were organized quicker than anyone thought possible. Though the sinister forces took temples and fortresses from nearly every group, the people of Rilard have yet to lose a single holding. Katrin and her people were quick to unite with the refugees and military forces in Layar to begin the fight to take her homeland back.

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        Flycheung -
        the zoomed picture is just breast.. erm breathtaking.
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        Quote Originally Posted by Flycheung View Post
        the zoomed picture is just breast.. erm breathtaking.
        XD lol
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        whoah is this high def?
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        She doesn't need the shield! She has +1 defense for every huge boob that she has!
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        Quote Originally Posted by Arikiro View Post
        She doesn't need the shield! She has +1 defense for every huge boob that she has!
        So the boobs (+1 each) and shield (+2) is equal to 4HP.

        Suggestion in the OP: put the Attack/Health values as well, and her other statistics erm because... it's for research.
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        Quote Originally Posted by Flycheung View Post
        the zoomed picture is just breast.. erm breathtaking.
        I wonder what they use for implants in Balor......
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